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Me being me, I am going to devote a whole post to some of the delicious food that we encountered for the first time in Turkey.


It’s a fine piece of dough topped with minced beef and lamb, onion, tomatoes, parsley, peppers and other spices. It’s kind of like the Turkish equivalent of pizza. In fact, most of the time we were in Turkey we called it “Sean Pizza” after our friend who said that it would be one of the most delicious things either of us will have every eaten. (And it was.) Sam ate at least 6 slices a day.

lahmacun turkish pizza
lahmacun turkish pizza
lahmacun- turkish pizza
It is a savoury pastry dish. The pastry is stuffed with savoury ingredients before it is sealed and fried on a griddle. It can be filled with anything from feta and spinach to mashed potatoes. Whilst lahmacun was Sam’s own personal drug, gozleme were mine. I ate at least a dozen slices a day. The ones I really hankered after were the sweet gozleme, where the pastry is filled with honey before going on the griddle. They tasted like sopapillas. So it was instant love between us.
gozleme- spinach and feta
Spinach and feta gozleme.
 The excitement between a girl and her sweet gozleme.
As soon as I ate this plate full of sweet gozleme I went and got another.
gozleme spinach and feta
More spinach and feta gozleme.
This Turkish beer was everywhere. And luckily Sam loved it. I stuck to cocktails for the most part.
efes turkish beer
A boy and his Efes.
holiday in turkey at the maritim
What’s better than a cocktail on a sea pier?
Have you ever discovered any favourite food stuffs while on vacation?

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  • We can get Efes here at Turkish restaurants cheaper than Swedish beer and we love it!

    • I think Efes must be ridiculously cheap everywhere then, which doesn’t really make sense because it is really good! It doesn’t taste like a “cheap” beer ie natty ice, etc. x

  • Those all look really yummy. When we were in Thailand I really fell in love with all the street food. I loved how our ice coffee came in a plastic bag with handles instead of a cup so I could carry it. I loved the roasted corn, fresh pineapple, and these green pancakes that looked like the spaceship out of Flight of the Navigator. Finding new foods in places is half the fun of traveling!

    • I LOVE roasted corn and just eating it one the street sounds brilliant. In Thailand did the street food have a lot of spice to it? Wahaca is the Mexican “street food” style restaurant in London and they do a version of roasted corn on the cob that is divine! x

  • One of my absolute favorite parts about traveling is sampling the food! This stuff sounds delicious!

    • It’s one of my favourite things about traveling as well! My food-travel priority right now is to have pizza and pasta in Italy! x

  • If the Lachuman didn’t have lamb in it, I’d be all for it. But, I hate lamb. Yuck.

    • If I ever make it, I’d probably make it with a spicy sausage just because that would be easier to find in grocery stores than minced lamb. Sam loves lamb though. I enjoy it, occasionally- it’s not something I can eat every week. x

  • Mmmmm that “pizza” sure looks appetizing!

  • Oh my god, “sean pizza,” get in my belly now!

    • There’s no stopping once you start eating it either. Since it doesn’t have cheese it doesn’t feel as filling as regular pizza. x

  • That food looks so amazing. I think I would love the gozleme.. !! Wow, I have ADD.. I started thinking about how cool it was that you went to Turkey and how I am stuck here, wiping Alina’s snotty nose all day because she has a cold. Then I was thinking about a post idea for tomorrow and then I randomly snapped some pictures aaaand then I realized that I left your comment hanging. Talk about a sucky comment.. You’re welcome 😉

    • Hahaha. One day you’ll have an amazing holiday and Alina will be there and it will be even more special because you are sharing it with two loved ones and not just one! Also the gozleme……oh my god….it’s just…..the best ever. x

  • The food looks really good (and the cocktails!)… I’m now hungry again!! 😉 x

  • I’m so hungry for something exotic and delicious now. 🙂 But really, I wish I were better about taking photos of food when I travel. Amsterdam had these delicious pancakes when I went that came with anything and everything. Spinach and feta pancake? Sure! A pancake with Hungarian sausage and peppers? You betcha! What about something sweet like cherries and whipped cream? No problem. I LOVED them!

    • Oh my gosh- I am so glad that you’ve experienced the savoury pancakes in Amsterdam because they are literally my favourite food I’ve found whilst traveling. Luckily- I found a place in London that does something close (it’s called “My Old Dutch” if you are ever in London and also wanting to eat savoury pancakes!) x

  • I really want to try the lahmacun! It really looks like something Hubby and I would enjoy! I’ve completely forgotten how exciting the food in South Africa was when I landed here! LoL Now it all seems normal but in reality it is different and exciting! Thanks for sharing (and making me hungry!)

  • The boyfriend is vegetarian but we’ve been finding it easy here. Meze plates and dolmas and so on are really easy to find. There are a lot of casseroles which are SO bland, though. But in general I love the food here!