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Me being me, I am going to devote a whole post to some of the delicious food that we encountered for the first time in Turkey.


It’s a fine piece of dough topped with minced beef and lamb, onion, tomatoes, parsley, peppers and other spices. It’s kind of like the Turkish equivalent of pizza. In fact, most of the time we were in Turkey we called it “Sean Pizza” after our friend who said that it would be one of the most delicious things either of us will have every eaten. (And it was.) Sam ate at least 6 slices a day.

lahmacun turkish pizza
lahmacun turkish pizza
lahmacun- turkish pizza
It is a savoury pastry dish. The pastry is stuffed with savoury ingredients before it is sealed and fried on a griddle. It can be filled with anything from feta and spinach to mashed potatoes. Whilst lahmacun was Sam’s own personal drug, gozleme were mine. I ate at least a dozen slices a day. The ones I really hankered after were the sweet gozleme, where the pastry is filled with honey before going on the griddle. They tasted like sopapillas. So it was instant love between us.
gozleme- spinach and feta
Spinach and feta gozleme.
 The excitement between a girl and her sweet gozleme.
As soon as I ate this plate full of sweet gozleme I went and got another.
gozleme spinach and feta
More spinach and feta gozleme.
This Turkish beer was everywhere. And luckily Sam loved it. I stuck to cocktails for the most part.
efes turkish beer
A boy and his Efes.
holiday in turkey at the maritim
What’s better than a cocktail on a sea pier?
Have you ever discovered any favourite food stuffs while on vacation?

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