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Ice Skating in South Kensington, London

Ice skating with Sam has been on the agenda for 4 winters now. I’ve been ice skating in London, but not with Sam. In fact, Sam claimed that he hadn’t skated in at least 15 years.  (I call “Lie!” on this unless he had some instinctual, uncanny ability to skate.) There are a few outdoor rinks around London but I think the South Kensington location with the Natural History Museum as a gorgeous backdrop is the most picturesque of the options.

winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
That beauty is the Natural History Museum pretty much directly behind South Kensington Station.
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
I was very excited, but also scared.
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
Fairy light photo. Just because I love them.
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
Since neither of us are skating experts and I can barely manage to stay upright in any circumstance, we used our early arrival to take advantage of the bar upstairs. Hot Chocolate Orange is my new favourite drink. That’s hot chocolate with a generous splash of Cointreau.  And I knew the lovely girl who worked behind the bar from school so she gave us a discount, double win!
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
Liquid courage.
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbonswinter 2013 rhyme and ribbons

Sam looking enthused, but calm. And also looking very sexy in our highly fashionable, rented skates.

winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbonswinter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
As predicted, I barely managed to stay on my own two feet without the help of either Sam or the wall. However, my Ice Skating 2013 claim to fame is that I did not fall. Not even once! Towards the end I was feeling cautiously confident in my ability not to fall on my face. However, Sam took to the ice like a pro. Occasionally, I would push him off on a few solo laps so he didn’t feel hindered by my granny self.
winter 2013 rhyme & ribbons
Sam whizzing by.
That’s another item ticked off my Winter Bucket List!

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  • What a wonderful fun winter time activity!

  • I think I would need some liquid courage to go ice skating as well, or at least help numb the pain from all of my falls. What a beautiful place to go ice skating at, wintertime is so beautiful!

    • Haha it definitely helped me. (And helped keep me warm)! Do you have any outdoor rinks near you or is it literally too cold? x

  • Well done on not falling down! When I go skating I just cling onto the wall and yet I still manage to fall!

    • Even though I never achieved the speeds that most people did, I was still really happy with my accomplishment of not falling so thank you! x

  • You look ADORABLE! And that ice rink is so pretty!

    Now I want to go skating with you two! Btw, Andrew can’t skate to save his life. I can skate but I can’t stop. We’d all make an awesome team!

    • Haha thank you! It sounds like Andrew and I have about the same skill level. You and Sam can zip around and Andrew and I will cling to the wall. xx

  • I’d be terrified to go ice skating… but I still want to try it. There’s a little rink here but I think maybe I’ll add it to my list of things I’d like to do with my best friend when we’re living together in London… mostly because I trust her to keep me from falling on my face. :p

    • Good luck with your future move 😉 But I have a “it’s fun but also scary” relationship with ice skating as well, so I just try to stay as close to the wall as possible. x

  • I love outdoor skating! In fact a big reason that we were so excited about coming to Thunder Bay was for the outdoor rinks! We love skating outside.. There’s just something so Christmas-y and FUN about it. What an absolute GORGEOUS place to skate at!! Wowsers.. those English folk know how to do it right!

    • Umm…. so does that mean that you are an ice skating champion?! I’d be way too embarrassed of my wall skills to ever let you see me skate, I think 😉 xx

  • this looks amazing! and you’re beyond adorable! I have a love / hate relationship with ice skating. I always have a ton of fun but it really scares me!

    • Aww thank you! But actually I have that same relationship with iceskating as well. Terrified joy. x

  • Actually Ashley

    youre completely wonderful and i always want to hop on over to England from America when I read your posts!

  • Alanna Wilson

    My man and I and his friends did this last Christmas, the natural history museum is so pretty! I couldn’t believe how big a deal skating was over there; here in Canada we have a rink in every town (even one in my highschool). There we had to get tickets ahead of time, line up for almost an hour and the rink was completely packed! They all thought I would show them up; how wrong they were! haha I did not represent Canada well, but like you I was just happy not to fall. I’m not very balanced on my feet! I had a lot of fun there 🙂

    I also thought those skates were very weird looking! I’ve only ever seen white figure skates and black hockey skates here.

    We were supposed to go to Winter Wonderland but it was sold out (it was a few days before Christmas when we were in London), but it ended up being lucky as it was so windy the one day I believe they had to shut it down. Maybe I’ll see you around London this Christmas!

    • I hope so! Maybe on a Winter Wonderland outing we can meet! (Haha as I insist on going every year!) I’m absolutely rubbish at skating though! )

      Thanks for stopping by again, hope your weekend has been wonderful! x