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The British Museum + A Special Visitor

This weekend the inspiring Laura who blogs here (not as often as I would like) came to visit us in London. She was the most perfect and wonderful houseguest you could ever ask for, although I am not sure about my hosting skills. The second Laura stepped off her train I spirited her away to the British Museum (luggage and all).
London museums england
The Egyptian Collection is always surrounded by the largest number of people. But that could be because the mummies are incredible.
london england museums
The stunning main hall.
Some quick facts about the British Museum:

The British Museum has a collection of over 8 million objects. (Including incredibly famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone.)

The building is the equivalent of 9 football pitches (soccer fields).

In the year 2013, there were 6.7 million visits to the British Museum.

The collections cover over 2 million years of human history.

london england museums
 My dream library.
london england museums japanese exhibit
Impressive armour in the Japanese collection.
london england museum greek pottery
 Sam chilling with some pots.
london england museums greek exhibit
 The detail on some of the busts is mind-blowing.
london england museum
The most complicated clock in the world. (Not it’s official title.)
After spending not nearly enough time in the museum. (I think it’s impossible to take it all in in one go.) We headed off to Spitalfields Market and had a wander down Brick Lane. We finally sat down for a delicious dinner at Leon’s before calling it a successful day and heading home.
Sunday was filled with laziness and of course, the traditional new guest trip to see the local dinosaurs.
crystal palace park
 More intimidating than any dinosaur, right?
crystal palace park
 I can’t help but feel a bit frumpy next to the totally chic Laura!
crystal palace station
 Everyone has a favourite dinosaur.





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