Potter: A Late Bloomer

As my most dedicated readers know, Β I’ve been on a mission to convert Sam into a Harry Potter-o-phile. We had to start from scratch since he’d never read the books or seen the films. And recently we’ve finished this labour of love. I thought today Sam could share some thoughts with you on what it’s like to experience Harry Potter now, you know, 10 years after it was a craze.Β 

Potter: A Late Bloomer

the harry potter series
Sam reading aloud on Christmas morning.

For some reason, I was never interested in Harry Potter. I was always amazed to see tube carriages full (seriously, when a new book came out here you would see almost every other person with a copy) of people devouring the books, but they just never appealed to me. I saw the first two movies and enjoyed them, but the whole phenomenon managed to pretty much pass me by.

Then I met Amanda.

She was amazed, and disgusted, that I had never read the books. She was flabbergasted that I hadn’t watched all of the movies. The Harry Potter series had played such a huge part in her life: she was the girl queueing for the books at bookstores as soon as they were released, going straight home and not sleeping until she had read it cover-to-cover. She couldn’t understand why I had not read them or watched them and, more importantly, how I had managed to get through life without hearing any ‘twists’ and spoiling the experience before I even started.

So, last summer when Amanda had to go home we started them together. We read them to each other, both in person and through Skype. Every time we finished a book we would watch the movie, then begin the next book straight away.

I must admit… It really is excellent.

It took us a year to complete this quest, simply because reading out loud takes a long time, plus I like to do voices and really jazz up the experience, much to Amanda’s annoyance.

‘Goblet of Fire’ is the best book and probably the most successful film. It’s clear that JK knew they were going to be films by this point so she seems to write set-pieces and it is quite spectacular.

It was such a lovely experience to share with Amanda because she is so invested in the stories, even though she has read them all half a dozen times, at least. She still cries at the sad parts, and I knew when an upsetting bit was coming because she would hand the the book over for me to read!

We’re going to Harry Potter World soon. I can’t bloody wait.
I may even get my own wand.
If I was going to Hogwarts I’d be in Ravenclaw. (I know I would, I took an online quiz)
If they made the movies again I would love to play Draco.
My favourite quote: “The Ministry is fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming.”
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  • This is an old one from the archives but I’m so keen to get Adam to do the same! He’s never really got into Harry Potter and doesn’t understand the hype, or why for 10 years of my childhood I couldn’t fall asleep without the calming sounds of Stephen Fry! Alice xx

    • Maybe if you make it a project that you can do together! I felt like Potter was a legitimately important part of my childhood that Sam needed to understand! X