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Hackney WickED Art Festival

Last weekend was the Hackney WickED Art Festival. The festival was started back in the summer of 2008 and only really attended by local residents and artists.  In it’s 7th year it’s now a huge 3 day even in late July-early August comprised of local art studios throwing their doors open to let people see how the work, exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, film showings, theatre, concert, food tents… the list goes on and on.

Sam met me on the way to Hackney after his matinee showing on Sunday. By the time we got there we only had one thing in mind: food. I was verging on the edge of hangry and that’s a thing we try to avoid at all costs.

In the end, we ate some delicious food. The Clinton Hot Dog from Popdogs and an Argentinian steak sandwich from Constancia (On the Road). It was all washed down with some double fisted margaritas from The Tipple Taxi and cider from Crate Brewery. And while the margaritas were nothing to write home about, the cider was a thing of beauty. I’m all for doing a brewery tour of Crate when they become available again.

We also heard some really impressive beat boxing, saw some less than brilliant physical theatre, and in general, had a great evening out. I just don’t think I am cool enough for Hackney.

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