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Hackney WickED Art Festival

Last weekend was the Hackney WickED Art Festival. The festival was started back in the summer of 2008 and only really attended by local residents and artists.  In it’s 7th year it’s now a huge 3 day even in late July-early August comprised of local art studios throwing their doors open to let people see how the work, exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, film showings, theatre, concert, food tents… the list goes on and on.

Sam met me on the way to Hackney after his matinee showing on Sunday. By the time we got there we only had one thing in mind: food. I was verging on the edge of hangry and that’s a thing we try to avoid at all costs.

In the end, we ate some delicious food. The Clinton Hot Dog from Popdogs and an Argentinian steak sandwich from Constancia (On the Road). It was all washed down with some double fisted margaritas from The Tipple Taxi and cider from Crate Brewery. And while the margaritas were nothing to write home about, the cider was a thing of beauty. I’m all for doing a brewery tour of Crate when they become available again.

We also heard some really impressive beat boxing, saw some less than brilliant physical theatre, and in general, had a great evening out. I just don’t think I am cool enough for Hackney.

cover hackney wickeddollstreet grafittiswamp monster going nuts for hot dogclintonhot dog plinthhot doghackney wickedbro hugssam at steaksteak sandwichcocktail shacksam and cidertipple taxitextingmargaritas (suspiciously) margaritassun in hair


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  • I goodness it has been ages since I had a margarita!

  • Oh to be hangry at a festival 😉 that hot dog looks super amazing! And super cute outfit as usual 🙂

  • I’m a more on the rocks margarita girl. I love festival food, about the only time i ever eat hot dogs. That last picture is so pretty!

    • I take my margaritas any way I can get them. I won’t discriminate when it comes to tequila, salt and lime. That being said, these weren’t brilliant… but I had an awesome one (Tamarind on the rocks) from Wahaca the other night so my craving has been satisfied for now. And thank you! xx

  • Marielle

    That hot dog looks better than any I’ve seen in America!

    • Hahaha! It was truly delicious. And not hindered by the fact that I put pretty much everything they had on top of it. (Minus the sauerkraut. I just don’t dig it.) x

  • Julie Maguda

    LOVE frozen margaritas! My favorite! I laughed a little too hard at the “Clinton’s Love Child” hot dog. Soooo funny!

    • I thought it really funny as well. Everyone enjoys some PG-13 humor every now and then, right? x

  • Em

    Ooh, I’d love this place! Looks a bit East Berlin-ish. And now I’m craving a hot dog; thanks! 😉

    • Hackney is definitely the self-proclaimed centre of cool in London. But there’s also high levels of poverty as well. xx

  • oh man, that hot dog looks so. delicious.

  • Ok, I am really craving hot dogs right now. That last picture of you is way too gorgeous btw.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  • Great photos! And the event sounds so cool!!

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  • she

    looks like amazing time! great pictures.

  • I love beat boxing! I will never understand how people can do that with their mouths!

    • I don’t either! It’s one of those mysteries to me: like Tibetan monks who can sing two notes at the same time. x

  • I love arts and crafts festivals–you can always find the coolest stuff at them. Also, I totally understand the hangry thing: if I’m not fed at regular intervals, I can be pretty un-fun to be around. It’s a great excuse to always have a snack, right?!?!

  • That looks like such a chaotic place haha! I just love performing arts festival though! The idea of seeing brand new talent is always cool (although a bit scary – falling on a terrible play scares me more than some!)

    • Well when you were in Scotland did you go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival?! That’s the place to be so some good new plays and some dreadful ones. Fringe is in full-swing right now and I’m a bit jealous that I’m not out there this year! xx

      • I have! It’s such a wonderful festival (we also have a Fringe in Montreal) and I have definitely enjoyed more dance and music shows for some reason (sometimes I stir away from plays because I’m so scared to fall on a terrible one!)x

        • And it can easily happen that you would. 😉 But you’d potentially find some awesome ones. Sam has a bloody “Fringe First” award from when he was there. Ugh. It must be hard for him, you know, being so good at things. 😉 x

  • this looks so fun! i lived kinda near hackney way back in the day and it was such a cool place. and i’m obsessed with your hair in these photos!

    • Thank you so much Jackie! Ha, I cringed when I saw my awful part in the margarita drinking picture. x

  • The Gremlin returns! Yesssss!
    Those hotdogs look stupidly delicious!! Tell me, were they as good as they looked?

    • They were as good as they looked. Maybe better. Mmmmm….. The gremlin seems vaguely suspicious this time. It was probably the two margaritas that made it so. 😀 xx

  • Wow, what a cool festival. That hot dog looks amazing, and I love that last photo of you.

    • Thanks Rachel! That hot dog was so good, I would go to a random festival event if I knew Popdogs was going to be there just to get one. True story. xx

  • Haha, oh man it looks like someone was having A LOT of fun 😉

  • Haha soooo many ingredients. But it was definitely worth it 😉 xx

  • Ugh yes. Who knew that margaritas would be so easy to get wrong? That said, I do usually enjoy them (a bit too much) from Wahaca. Too bad they are sooo expensive. xx

  • It was a joy to eat for sure 🙂 x

  • So many fun festivals you two go to! Looks like a great time with lots of tasty food!

  • This looks like so much fun, and your photos are fab – that hot dog looks insanely good and I really love your shirt, where is it from? Alotta love for this post ! x

  • So full of colour! LOVE! 🙂

  • Looks like such a fun event, and an interesting place. I go to London all the time, but I’ve never been to Hackney, can you believe that???

    • Ha, depending on where you stay in London, Hackney can be quite a mission! I hardly ever venture out to West London because it seems soooo far away! x

  • Your excited face in pictures will always be my favourite. Not enough bloggers include pictures where they are looking directly at the camera and smiling so it makes me happy that you do! x

    • I think my serious face looks so derp derp that it’s best just to smile anyways. Plus it’s truer to who I actually am anyways, right? Although I’ll start throwing in some super sexy looks whenever I do a post that has you in it 😉 x

  • That looks so fun! And man, those hot dogs look delicious (especially the description of the Clinton’s Lovechild) Way to take advantage of all of London’s summer happenings, of which seem endless.

    • I thought the name was hilarious brilliant! One of my favourite things about it! (Well that’s a lie, the taste was my favourite thing….) x

  • Gracey

    I love street festivals..does look like you had fun double fisting those margaritas though..

  • This festival looks so cool, I so wish I could have gone! Oh how i wish I lived in London!

  • You sold me on the food, and I love the ‘beware of the cayman’ art piece. What a cool festival.
    Claire xx

    • Thanks Claire! I loved the sign – not many other people seemed to find it as funny as I did, unfortunately! x

  • Great photos! That hotdog looks and sounds delicious – yum.

  • looks like a nice time and delicious food!

  • You are too adorable! And all of that food looks amazing 🙂

    • Hehe thanks Amy! I wish festival food wasn’t quite as pricy so that I could have tried even more! x

  • Yum hotdogs! That looks like an interesting area