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Curry and Me: A Love Affair

Everyone has a food that they could eat practically every day and not get tired of, right? Well for me, it’s curry.  From Thai green curry to Nepalese chicken dhansak, I just can’t get enough of it. And it’s clearly not just me. Chicken tikka masala was named the national dish of Britain. And for decades, literally decades, THE curry house in London to go to was (and still is) Tayyabs for traditional Punjabi dishes. (If you don’t take my word on it see what The Observer has to say.)

Dishes that Tayyabs is famous for? Pretty much all the breads and meats. But especially the starter lamb chops. People travel to London just to eat these things. The dry meat curry is supposed to be amazing too but I’ll have to go back another time to experience it. I’m hardly a critical judge of naan, because I’ve never met a naan bread that I haven’t enjoyed but I can attest that Tayyabs is especially heavenly!  Hot, buttery, light…..mmm…

Sam and I started with a plateful of spicy popadoms because those little crispy delights are a personal addiction of mine. The spicy tomato chutney is awesome. Full stop. With our mains we split an order of pilau rice and tandoori naan (a steal at £1). Sam had the Kahari lamb chop masala, and I had the Kahari chicken tikka masala. (Both about £7.50).

I pride myself on always ordering the tastiest dish, but I admit defeat this time. One bite of Sam’s lamb chop will have me singing Tayyabs praises to everyone. His lamb chop was one of the most flavourful pieces of meat I’ve ever had. My chicken tikka was excellent, juicy with a really condensed impact. The food is amazing, and the price is tantalisingly cheap for the quality.

The only problem is that the restaurant usually has queues that go out the door and down the street at pretty much anytime of day. It’s advised to book for lunch or dinner. We somehow lucked out and popped in at a time when there was no queue. We were sat immediately, but by the time we had finished our lunch the queue was several people deep outside the restaurant! Apparently this is a complete anomaly. Most reviews that I’ve read on the internet of people without booking had to wait about an hour. Moral of the story: book a table. It’s also so busy that it you aren’t going to get the most attentive service, so be patient.  (Also it’s BYOB with no corkage fee. You can thank me later.)

Beautiful chutneys.
My favorite snack ever: popadoms and dips.
Tandoori naan.
water jugchicken
Kahari chicken tikka masala.
lamb chops
Karahi lamb chop masala.
Pilau rice
My chicken tikka in all its spicy glory.

sugar and herbs
Fennel, sugar cubes and anise as a cleansing post-meal treat.
Tayabbs is located 83 Fieldgate St, London, E1 1JU.

I was in no way compensated for this review. I just love food.

How do you feel about curries?

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  • I am totally laughing that I just posted about curry! I really want to branch out and try more than the go to basic curries I have tried.

  • Aaaah, I really want a curry now! Poppadoms are one of my absolute favourite foods. It’s difficult to find good curries in Germany, but I may have to suggest going out for curry tomorrow night (it’s my birthday).

    • In honour of your birthday I’d say to go out of the way 😉 Also happy, happy birthday! xx

  • I love tiki masala and naan

  • I definitely will add this to my list of places to try. I am always looking out for good Indian food! x

    • The only thing I’d warn you about is that it’s all fairly spicy and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for hurting your stomach 🙁 x

      • Haha gooooood to know! I definitely want to avoid the spicy stuff. I usually like to stick to the more flavourful, rather than spicy, stuff…but that always varies between places. Thanks for the heads up! x

        • I thought that would be the case. Our local curry place here in C Palace is great. I’d happily go there every day, and between Sam and I, I think we’ve tried everything so I can steer you away from the spicy stuff. xx

          • I remember you guys talking about that place! I will definitely have to try it when I’m over your way. The Indian food place in Greenwich is good, but I feel like they make things waaaay too sweet. xx

          • So we just need to have a weekend where you basically live here so we can do all things. x

          • Haha that would be the BEST weekend! x

  • I’m seriously, seriously pro-curries, though I have the annoying habit of getting the same things every time we go out for it. 🙂 You’ve given me some new things to try next time we have curry night!

    • I usually get the same thing as well. It’s just so hard to branch out when you know that you love something for sure! x

  • You are making me so hungry! My friend gave me a bunch of curries while I was in China (he got them from Thailand) and I can’t wait to make them.

  • Oh my god I’m so jealous of this! We have one good Indian place in Moscow about as far away as you can get so we hardly ever go. Might be rethinking it after this post…

    • Sorry 😉 Also, maybe you can have a special curry treat and then the craving will have been taken care of and you won’t want to make the trek for a long time? x

  • Gianni Washington

    Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite food. That lamb looks delicious, too. Can’t wait to try this place!

  • haha when my boyfriend told me that curry was the most eaten dish in the UK I laughed so hard! The first time I had Indian food was in the UK actually and, while I do love their naan bread, I’m not a big meat eater, so I usually go for some simple butter chicken 🙂

    • Ha, your boyfriend speaks the truth! Aloo gobi is my favourite vegetarian curry dish. I’d highly recommend that for you! x

  • Tee

    What a coincidence, I had curry last night! Great photos, Amanda 🙂

  • I feel very strongly about curries. bloody love them!! great pictures!

  • How do I feel about curries?! I MISS THEM! You can’t find a decent one over here to save you’re life!

    Curries are to the English as Mexican is to the American.

    I think I just drooled on my keyboard…


    • Hmm…I’ve eaten indian at Bhojanic and Swapna in Atlanta. And I remember enjoying it but I don’t remember enough about them to give you proper recommendations unfortunately 🙁 x

  • Holly Nelson

    I love food too 😉 curries in Canada are NOWHERE near as good as in the UK. I do make a good tandoori baked chicken with aloo go I though. Curry is my absolute favourite food!

  • OMG OMG OMG… I haven’t had real curry like this ever before. Where would I go!? I neeeeeeed to experience some of this food. It looks amazing.

  • Curries, all day, every day. I used to date a guy from Sri Lanka who was an amazing cook and got me into curries in college. I’m recently obsessed with Peshwari naan as well, it’s sweetness compliments the spices in curry dishes so beautifully.

    • Peshwari naan is incredible- absolutely agreed! It’s luck Sam can’t make curries or I’d be overweight x

  • I LOVE curry’s! Tayyabs is definitely going on my list of ones to try. Mirch Masala in Tooting Broadway is also very good 🙂 they’re butter chicken is to die for! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

    • Wow! I love Mirch Masala! I used to live on one of the streets that runs behind the Tram and Social off of Tooting High St! Also if you live in the area I really highly recommend Rick’s mostly because on Tuesdays they have a special of steak chips and red wine for £11. (Or at least they used to! ) xx

  • Yet another reason to add India to the bucket list! x

  • dude, it was FATE that you met Christine at lunch last week – she’s the one who took me to Tayyabs!

    • What?! No way! We could have bonded over this! Maybe we can go to Tayyabs together one day! x

  • A curry house is one of my first stops when arriving back in the UK! I think I had 2 during my last visit…that place looks amazing!! I’m yet to try out an Indian restaurant in Atlanta…if you know any, give me a shout!

    • In Atlanta I’ve eaten at both Bhojanic and Swapna. But I don’t remember being bowled over. (It certainly isn’t the same as getting a proper takeaway curry) but it might help tide you over! x

  • Alanna Wilson

    So hungry now, adding this one to the list of places to eat!