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The Not So British Bake Off: Week 6 (European Cakes)

If you missed last week, you can catch up on my Pistachio Cherry Tart before moving on to this week! This week I finally partook in a showstopper challenge with the other contestants. We all made dobos torte. Mine was a two tiered cake, with each tier consisting of 8 layers. It really was challenging and I completely believed when some people said things like “I hate this challenge.” It was a long, intricate, delicate process. In short, dobos torte was my Everest.

Dobos Torte
the gremline presents
(For sponge cake)
8 large eggs
350 g caster sugar
300 g self-raising flour

(For Chocolate Swiss Merengue buttercream)
3 egg whites
1  cup of caster sugar
1  cup of unsalted butter
pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
4 oz os semisweet chocolate (melted)

(For almond praline topping and caramel topping *optional*)
75 g flaked almonds
300 g caster sugar
6 tablespoons of water

Preheat the oven to 200 C (390 F) Trace out the shape of your torte onto baking paper.

Add the eggs to a large bowl, then add the sugar and whisk until it is foamy and just leaves a trail when the whisk is lifted out. Then gently fold in the flour, a little at a time. Divide the batter between how many layers you are making. Dollop it onto your baking paper and spread it out evenly. (Push don’t pull the batter.) Unless you have an enormous oven, you’ll probably have to bake in several batches. Bake for 8-10 minutes of until the sponge is a light golden colour and springy to the touch. Trim the sponge to neaten it to the exact shape of your torte, gently peel off the baking paper and remove the sponge to a wire rack to cool.

While your cakes are cooling make your buttercream. Place your egg whites and sugar in a large glass or metal bowl. Set that bowl over a pot of simmering water, and whisk continuously until the sugar has completely dissolved and the mixture is opaque. Remove the bowl from the heat, add the vanilla and whip the mixture until it has completely cooled. Then mix in the butter a tablespoon at a time until it is thick and fluffy. (If it starts to look curdled, continue to whip it until it comes back together before continuing to add the rest of the butter.) Lastly, fold in the melted chocolate.

To make your almond praline, spread the flaked almonds over a sheet of baking paper.  Dissolve the sugar in water in a small pan over low heat and then increase the heat and boil the syrup until it turns a deep golden colour. Allow the caramel to cool slightly and then pour 3/4 ths of it over the almonds to make your praline. Allow it to cool and set.

Alternate sponge cakes with piped buttercream layers until you’ve reached your desired height. Then top with a drizzling of the leftover caramel and the almond praline.


eggsmaking the spongetrimming the spongepiping frostingassembling cakemaking caramelmaking pralinesugar work
This was the first time I’ve ever done any sugar work!

mary judgingnot star baker
Some of my layers were a bit overdone so the decision makes sense. But I still wasn’t particularly impressed.

dobos torte up closeall alone - dobos tortedobos tortecarrying cake
I was so nervous carrying him. Real nervous.

See you next week for eclairs, Mrs. Berry.

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  • Definitely A for effort though! And I’m sure it still tasted nice 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this type of cake before, but it looks absolutely stunning and delicious! Can you send me a slice through the computer, please? 😉

    • I’d never heard of it either! And I really wish I could send you a slice – since it’s so monstrously large we’ll be eating it forever! x

  • Oh my goodness that looks delicious. Also, Mrs. Berry is a total babe! 😉

  • That looks like it took so long to make– more like art than a tart, yeah? But to eat something that so much love and work went into is the big reward. Well done… you are going to be a master baker by the end of this!

  • Ok but did it taste amazing because it looks like it tasted amazing!

    • It did taste pretty darn good (if that’s okay to say?) but I think we’ll be eating it forever! x

  • oh man, that thing is immense, and sounds delicious.

    • It’s so big I just had to leave it on the counter and flip a bowl over the top – we couldn’t fit it anywhere else! x

  • Wow your sugar work is amazing! And just being able to make something like this is impressive! You get my vote.

  • Oh wow, that looks like SO. Much. Work! Very impressive.

    • It took a lot of work, I’m not even going to pretend that it was easy. At one point in time I thought it a bit nuts that I was expending all this effort on a hobby, but when I was finished, I was really glad I had! x

  • Kate Mitchell

    Even if you weren’t a top baker this week, I’m extremely impressed. That looks so difficult! (And it still looks good to me haha)

    • Ha, thank you! It tasted good to me – but having never had it before I’m also just assuming that it tasted right! x

  • I am impressed!!

  • I was terrified of burning myself because a)I’m so clumsy and b) I’ve heard how awful sugar burns can be! x

  • Haha, thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoy reading it! x

  • Wow! You go girl! That torte looks impossibly difficult to make (so. many. layers!)! It looks really intricate and fancy! I’m definitely impressed!

    • Thank you so much! I know it’s far from perfect but I did feel really good when I had finished it! x

  • Your cake looks amazing. I think that the taste must be very special. Although you don’t win the title, I believe that you can get many experience with the baking work, especially the caramel decoration/ sugar work.

  • Betty Crocker better watch it, here comes Amanda! Looks so yummy! And I LOVE the pretty floral wallpaper? in the background….it looks so quaint! Perfect compliment for your pretty sugar craftwork!

    • Hehe thank you! For the actual television show, they bake everything in this flowery -very twee marquee so I assembled my own floral background. (Our of an old sheet) ;D xx

  • Oh my goodness this is beautiful! I can’t imagine how hard this would be to make! I am so impressed!

  • Robert @ablogbyrobert

    This looks amazing! But also pretty difficult to make – definitely beyond my capabilities in the kitchen, I think! lol x

    • It was definitely a challenge. I think because it tried my patience more than anything I’ve baked on here before. There were just never-ending layers! xx

  • heaven? is this what heaven tastes like? looks like it might..

    • Hahahaha I hope so. (Fluffy caramel-y chocolate and sponge cakes? Sold on heaven for sure!) x

  • YUM! Look so delicious!


  • Haha you so should have got star baker! I feel you were robbed as it looks AMAZING! x

  • Nice work! Even if you didn’t win the challenge, your dobos torte looks great! After all that work, I’d be conflicted about eating it, hahaha.

    • Ha, I felt a bit conflicted for about the first hour after it was finished. By which point, I was like, nope, my tum definitely outweighs my brain! x

  • This. Looks. So. Good. Another reason why we’re going to have to meet – so I can eat all your delicious creations!

    • Yes! Excellent! Let me know when you’re all settled in and we’ll arrange a coffee date! xx

  • Reasons to Dress

    I would have been way too scared to ever attempt this. Your cake looks fantastic to me. I mean i can respect the opinion, but considering it was your first attempt I would say you totally scaled Everest!

    Angie from reasons to dress

    • Haha thank you so much! And by the time I had finished, I did feel a bit like I had scaled a mountain! x

  • This looks absolutely delicious though. I’m so glad you attempted it.

  • This looks amazing. The judges are blind!

  • Wow! I’m really impressed – I mean a dish with so many elements always is super complicated! But it looks amazing! Good job – whatever the judges say 😉

    • Hehe, thanks! I mean you win some, you lose some right?! I was still satisfied with it 🙂 xx

  • Mean judge! lol

  • Ha, I hope so. When I finished this project I did feel a bit like I had accomplished something. And I was really nervous to work with sugar. (Mostly because I heard that sugar burns are the worst – and I’d definitely be the person to burn themselves badly!) x

  • Ashley Angle

    It looks so cool!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • This one is AMAZING. Challenging the judge’s call on this one. Anything that stands up freely made of sugar deserves a prize.

  • That really looks like star baker quality to me! I’m impressed with that sugar crown!

  • Really hard judges. LOOK at how good that looks. Bet it tasted amazing. Also, I think you have awesome food photography skills (you and Sam!) Pretty, pretty pictures!xx

    • Thanks pretty lady! I mean as the competition continues, all the contestants are stepping up their game so anything other than perfection isn’t acceptable 😉 xx

  • HOLY COW. that’s incredible! (Jon just looked over and his verdict is: “Jesus.”) I’d have given you a prize! for shame, Mary Berry.

  • OH MY GAAAAAWD> I would have punched Mary in her darn face for that vote. That thing looked amazing. I wiiiiish you would take pictures of you EATING the damn delicious food. It’s like when you dream of food and right before you take a bite- you wake up!

    • Haha thanks Haley – personally, I felt I was robbed that week, but I guess you had to have seen the kind of cakes that other contestants made 😉 True story: there were more sugar spikes meant for the top of the cake but I kept eating bits as I was assembling everything. Oops! x

  • Ala

    This is actually amazing – well done for attempting it! It looks so delicious! I really wanted to try the princess torte but went for the signature instead! Very impressed though x

  • You are so intense! That thing looks amazing.