November Sponsors

Let’s give a warm welcome to the fabulous ladies that are sponsoring me this November!


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Tee has a lovely post on homelessness, that I’m sure many expats and travellers can relate to. One of the things that I love about Rotten One, is the stunning photography. Seriously. Tee is no run-of-the-mill blogger when it comes to photography. Her’s is outstanding. Take a peak at her post on the Faroe Islands to get a taste of it.


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Wander to Wonder is a great place to go to get your fill of both good foods and beautiful locations! I’ve always wanted to go to Lake Como so I’ve had to live vicariously through Miho! I was also pretty jealous when I read that she had been invited to eat her way through many of London’s top Japanese restaurants as part of the London restaurant festival. And for you food lovers, you’ll have to check out her photos of fresh pasta making! (Tagliatelle, to be precise!)

sarah daydreams

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I find Sarah’s blog to be so sweet! It always makes me feel a tad more cheerful after reading it. And I am pretty jealous of her photographic skills! Plus she has this fabulous Boden scarf that I’m always trying to bribe away from her….Cookies for scarf? You can see it in her photo above! She also has some fabulous travel photos. My favourites are a toss up of the one from Bali and the one from New Zealand.


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Saying Cecilia is a talented knitter in a modest understatement. Take a look at this cardigan that she made and you’ll have to agree that she could be making a lot of money from her wares! And her post on blackberry picking in Scotland was as lovely as it was scrumptious!


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Melanie is phenomenally well traveled. Seriously. When she says travel is a part of her life, it really and truly is.  And she goes on the most incredible hikes. Earlier this week she blogged about Trolltunga,  and she conquered Preikestolen as well. I’d never encountered such a plethora of beautiful photos of Iceland until I started reading travel blogs, and Melanie has quite a few of her own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about all my sponsors and have found some new blogs to read and enjoy!

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