Wishlist: Maria Black Jewellery

I am very particular when it comes to jewellery. If I wear necklaces, I usually like them long and quite simple, the odd statement necklace aside. I tend not to wear bracelets because my wrists are so small. (The are almost freakishly disproportional to the rest of my body/hands).  I wear earrings every single day, but only studs. And I love rings. But won’t wear more than 3 between both hands at once. I prefer silver to gold, with the exception being rose gold. Rose gold reigns supreme in my jewellery pantheon. Like I said, I’m quite particular. 

Maria Black‘s jewellery ticks all the right boxes for me and I’d wear almost everything from her collection. If you haven’t heard of Maria she’s a Danish-Irish designer now based in London. Maria has even received recognition from Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Basically, she’s awesome. And what I love most about her is her consistent use of rose gold. 
maria black jewellry
Rose Gold Klaxon Twirl Earring RRP £30 // Rose Gold Vamp Necklace RRP £135 // Rose Gold Taylor Ring RRP £50
All available at Avenue 32

I love the simple, clean lines in her designs and that they are striking but subtle at the same time. That slight conundrum sums up my idea of elegance, essentially. I also love that her use of geometric shapes really allows the beauty of the metal itself to shine (excuse the pun). 

Have you head of Maria Black before? 


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