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Visiting William Hogarth’s House

A little while ago, I spent the day in Chiswick, in west London. It’s probably the part of London that I’m least familiar with, and this was actually my first time in Chiswick itself. Huge error! Chiswick Park is absolutely stunning! 

But the whole reason I was in Chiswick was to go see the artist William Hogarth’s house. The house was originally built in the early 1700s and the Hogarths purchased it in the mid 1700s. It’s where William had his painting room and he’s buried nearby. Hogarth’s artwork was highly satirical and somewhat moralising. Just take a look at his series of pictures, “Marriage à-la-mode“, if you don’t believe me. 

I enjoyed following the stories in Hogarth’s incredible detailed prints, but occasionally I would have to stop and look around at something else because my brain was on sensory overload from all the detail and occasional depravity. I obviously didn’t pass up the opportunity to dress like Hogarth, as you can see below.  

The house was damaged by a parachute mine during WWII but has since been refurbished. Entrance to the house and the museum is free of charge. The last few photos in the post are just to capture a bit of the beauty of nearby Chiswick Park. 

sign for hogaths househogarth's house

looking at statue
hogarth statue
hogarth illustration
readinglooking at artwork

playing a game
playroom theatre
cardboard actors
dress up
hogarth's clothes
me in the windowtemple in chiswick park

playing in chiswick park
flowers in chiswick park
chiswick parkbridge in chiswick park

Turnham Green is the nearest Tube Station and that’s about a 20 minute walk away. Hogarth Lane, Great West Road, London W4 2QN

Have you visited Hogarth’s house? What about Chiswick? 

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  • I seriously love that you never say no to dress up!

  • Hooray! A place I can walk to! I’ve been to Chiswick a couple of times, but I haven’t been to the park yet. I love what I’ve seen of it though — it’s like a little village. Beautiful shot of the tree-lined lane.

  • How lovely and peaceful looking!

  • Yey for Chiswick! When I first moved here it seemed like the other side of the world, but there’s so much going on here, and it is lovely too 🙂 you should make another trip to Chiswick for one of my pop up restaurants!! Also, I LOVE your shirt – where’s it from?
    Rosie xx

    • I just had a look at your pop up restaurants and they seem so neat! I have plans for both those days in July (bummer) but you’ll have to keep me updated on others! Hehe actually my shirt is just from Primark about a month ago. I saw it in the window and knew I had to have it! x

      • Thanks!! You can “follow” me if you’d like on the link sent, and then you’ll get an email when I post a new date live, otherwise, just keep an eye on my blog as I usually post details of new dates up there too 🙂
        Rosie xx

  • I’ve never been to the Chiswick area but I’ve heard great things!

  • Love this post, one of the best things about blogs is finding great places to go other than usual tourist places.



    • Thanks Lyndsey! That’s one of the things I love about reading blogs as well! Especially blogs by fellow Londoners because they’ll unearth places that I’d never even heard of before and that are amazing! x

  • so many beautiful details and a few playful ones too! looks like fun!

  • Christine | A Keane Sense

    Ha! Love that you dressed up! I love parks especially ones in Europe… they always look so peaceful!

  • I have never been, and really should have before I left the UK! I spent 15 years in London, and spent very little time in Chiswick – I was mainly a North London girl! Looks like I missed a really lovely place to visit!

    • For the most part, west London is a just this void that I know exists but I never go out there! It’s a shame, really! x

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    We nearly moved to Chiswick, and actually we’re not living that far away. We’re even on the right underground line. We’re definitely going to make sure we visit before he starts school in September.

  • Haha, great vintage outfit Amanda! Love your escapes around England!

    • Haha thanks Isabel! I love that this one is fairly close to home – didn’t even have to leave London! x

  • You look very gorgeous in that outfit. I like the white and black pictures in Hogardths house. The road in Chiswick park is so beautiful with the green trees.

  • After much careful and serious discussion with my husband, we have decided to add this to the list of places we need to go. Thank you x

    • This will only be allowed if you also promise to partake in the tradition of donning Hogarth’s glad rags for yourself. x

  • Love love love it! Dressing up, the 1700’s and an old estate. Why haven’t I been?!
    Beautiful photos! What lens do you use? I’m asking everyone as I’m looking to invest and have no idea what to choose!

  • what a gorgeous park! a friend lived in Chiswick for a while and I never visited because it felt so far away, but I’m definitly regretting that now.

    p.s. you rock that frock coat!

    • Haha, I’m bringing frock coats back!

      I’ve had this weird mental block against Chiswick (and west London in general) for being too far away. But it’s ridiculous. It really isn’t that far and also it’s gorgeous. I’m hoping to go back to Chiswick Park for one of the live broadcasts of the ENO this summer. x