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How To Spend a Rainy London Afternoon

Today I have the incredibly nice (you can take my word for it, I’ve met her in real life) Miranda, from Miranda’s Notebook guest posting on how to best utilise your rainy days in London. Take it away, Miranda!

Hello! My name is Miranda, and I blog at Miranda’s Notebook, where I write about my favourite things: fashion, food, beauty and London. It’s a pleasure to be able to share this post on one of my very favourite blogs. Thanks for having me Amanda! 

If you’ve ever visited London, you’ll know that it’s a beautiful city but that it rains a lot – even in summer, so I thought I would share one of my favourite posts with you all on my top tips for having fun on a rainy afternoon in the city. I hope you enjoy them!

1/ Always be prepared



When I first moved to London from France, I couldn’t get used to the crazy weather. Waking up to a beautiful, cloudless, sunshiny morning would in no way guarantee a rain free day. Inevitably, dark clouds would roll over the skies, and by mid-day my naively coat-less and umbrella-less self would wind up drenched and disgruntled. Nine years on, I never ever leave the house without an umbrella. As long as I’m not getting soaked, I’ve learnt to love London in the rain: bright lights shine cosily from shop windows and the muted colours of rain washed buildings look particularly beautiful.

2/ Add a splash of colour


On a grey day, I love to add a splash of colour to my outfit, and one of my favourite ways to do it is to wear a bright red lipstick and a statement accessory. I adore hats, and this letterbox red beret is one of my favourites. It’s hard to not be happy when I’m wearing such cheerful coloured clothes!

3/ Visit a beautiful museum


I’m so lucky that London is full of beautiful museums that are free entry. The Wallace Collection, just off Marylebone High Street, is a hidden gem, and is one of my favourite places to while away an hour on a rainy day. It houses an impressive collection of 18th century French paintings, porcelain, and furniture. All the rooms are lusciously decorated in glorious colours, and gorgeous works of art by the likes of Titian, Rembrandt and Hals hang from the walls (my particular favourite is The Swing).

4/ Catch up with a friend over tea


Nothing beats sheltering from the rain in a pleasant cafe (the one at the Wallace Collection is lovely) with a good friend. I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with my friend and fellow blogger, Siobhan, who took all of the photos in this post. She’s working on building her photography portfolio, and I’m always thrilled to participate in some fashion shoots! We happily sipped tea and chatted away until the cafe closed and we were ushered out.

What are your favourite ways to spend a rainy day? Have you ever visited the Wallace Collection?

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