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Wearing || Summer Style with Yumi

My summer style is fairly easy to sum up – no trousers, no tights. My favourite thing about the summer is that my legs can be free from leg jail. Simple dresses and shorts rule the roost for me. But because of the temperamental weather in England, the ability to layer them is key. 

It’s the perfect kind of dress that can be dressed up or down based on shoes and accessories. In fact, not only did I wear this dress on a sunny day out in the country, but I also wore it to a dressy evening birthday party. 

What I love most about Yumi is that all the pieces are trendy and quirky (think Modcloth) with a reasonable price tag.

yumi dress in field
yumi dress and sun flowers
dress in lavender
close up on yumi dress belt
hidden amongst the flower
dress and sunflowers
close up on fabric
What’s your summer style?

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