ABCs of Autumn

It’s the first week of September, and for the past while, the weather seems to have solidly turned here in London. Therefore I think it’s acceptable to release this year’s ABCs of Autumn. Even though I’m a warm weather baby and I thrive in the sunshine, I do like the flavours and colours of Autumn and the fall smell in the air that creeps in to stay before it gets properly cold! 

Bricks and fall

Apple / pumpkin picking. Sam and I had a great time doing it at Garson’s last autumn. And I can’t wait to do it again.

Boots. Love ’em. They are my favourite thing about cold weather fashion. I like tights too. Especially because then I no longer have to be ashamed of my pale legs in dresses.

Celebrations! My best friend and my brother have fall birthdays. Even though I’m far away, I’ll be celebrating with them in my heart.

Dark nail polish is the only really kind I wear. But then I feel a tad embarrassed of it in the summer. Hurray for it being seasonally appropriate finally!

Eating all the comfort foods. Especially those that involve creamy, mushroomy sauces…

Fall tv lineup. What can I say? I love it when my favourite shows come back on air!

Go and see lots of scary movies. I love cuddling up and watch a good horror film. I’m particularly excited to see “Goodnight Mommy” in theatres. 

Halloween. I love costumes, I love parties, I love candy, I love the pumpkin carving, I love spooky stories. Halloween was pretty much invented for me.

Instagramability. Sad, but true. Fall colours make for good instagram photos. 

Jack the Ripper tour of London in honor of it being in the news lately and the season of spookiness?

Kidnap my baby nephew. He is so snuggly. I just want to squeeze him all the time. I keep hoping Sam’s brother and sister in law will need us to watch him overnight. It hasn’t happened yet.

Lazy days curled up under the duvet with hot drinks. 

Make lots of s’mores. Now that I’ve introduced Sam to them, how can we stay away?

Nature walks with warm beverages trying to find the largest crunchy leaf!

Organise a Bonfire Night outing with friends. I want to light a fire. There. I said it. On that note, I’d also like to go camping. Who will lend me all the kit?

Pumpkin flavoured everything. I want it in my drinks, in my baked goods…. yum!

Quit dithering about a new tattoo decision and either just do it…or don’t… Same goes with the red hair decision (I mean, really bright red.)

Read something new aloud with Sam. I really love our reading time together, and it gets dramatically reduced in the summer.

Sausage dogs. I want one. Badly. It is my breed of choice. 

Thanksgiving in England. This will be my 6th one in England, and the second one in this flat! 

Unveiling all my winter clothing- I keep off-season things in a box in a cupboard. There’s always something that surprises me because I’ve forgotten I own it.

Visit more places outside of London.

Wedding plans. I want to have everything lined up before NYE and basically done. I know that’s really far in advance, but this late winter/early spring is when I have to renew my visa and so I’ll be bogged down with the stress and paperwork of that during what would be key wedding planning time. So wedding stuff needs to be done and dusted early.

Xylophone band practice gears up for the big Winter concert.

Yearning for Christmas.

Z00 Edinburgh. I will go. I will see a panda! I keep saying I’m going to do this, but I will. I really will.

Shoes and Leaves

What are you excited about this autumn?

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