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400 Rabbits is the newest addition to Crystal Palace’s ever-increasing trendy cafe/restaurant/boutique scene. So of course I eagerly awaited it’s opening, especially since I followed the former hair salon’s renovation into restaurant nearly every day. I’m not going to lie, once inside it does look like a hipster-Pinterest dream come true. Succulents, fancy rabbit art, pastels, peg board walls – I can’t deny that I loved it. 

Since its opening in August, I’ve now been twice and each time the food has been brilliant. I’ve gone once with Sam and once with Lindsay. Who can resist a good woodfire sourdough pizza, especially when it’s in your neighbourhood? The pizza toppings are seasonal, and I’ve now tried the plain mozzarella pizza (mozzarella, basil and san marzano tomatoes) as well as the chorizo pizza (chorizo, pickled chiles, mozzarella and basil). Both were delicious, but faced with those two options, I’d pick the chorizo pizza just because it has more depth of flavour, but the San Marzano pizza is a great neutral option. Sam had the beef pizza (ground beef, green chili, onions, tomatoes and mozzarella) which even got a smile out of  a beef-pizza sceptic like myself. And a word to the wise: as someone who always drenches their slices in chile oil, their’s packs a punch. I also had the seasonal side salad with toasted seeds which I found weirdly delicious. I don’t know if it was the piles of freshly shaved parmesan, or the fact that I love seeds, but I will always order this salad as long it is on their menu. 

But most importantly, you have to save room for dessert. I’ve mentioned before that Bocca di Lupo is one of my favourite restaurants in London and Bocca has a little side gelato store, Gelupo that arguably sells some of the best gelato in London. Who am I kidding? It’s no argument. Gelupo is some of the best gelato in London and I am so throughly over-the-moon to get to tell you that 400 Rabbits serves Gelupo for dessert. The hazelnut is extraordinarily divine, but the salted caramel is a close second! 

They also have a carefully cultivated selection of beer. Usually this is something that I’d skip over, but after having tried the Beavertown Pale Ale, which both Sam and Lindsay ordered independently of each other, I may be a beer convert. It was really crips and fresh and it tasted a bit like grapefruit soda (to my novice beer palate, at least.) 

interior at 400 rabbits
gelato case
lost rabbit
chorizo pizza

Chorizo Pizza 

beef pizza

Chile Beef Pizza 

side salad

There’s quite the quick restaurant turn-over in my neighbourhood, and I am fairly confident that 400 Rabbits will buck this trend. At least, I need them to because where else am I going to go to get my salad and gelato fix?


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  • I love it that interesting restaurants are popping around non-Central London venues, non? That chorizo pizza sounds delicious, but how does it compare to the likes of Franco Manca/Pizza Pilgrims?

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    • To be completely honest, I think Franco Manca is fairly overrated! I think there are tons of pizza places in London that deserve the press that FM gets 😉 I think some of the best pizza in London is at Pizza Metro Pizza in Clapham/Battersea but Pizza East is great as well! x

  • what an interesting place ! I am liking it and that pizza looks so yummy !!!!!! 🙂

  • Miu

    They had me at “400 Rabbits”. I love that name 😀

  • Yum! Looks delish, plus bunnies everywhere makes anyone happy! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Don’t know when I’ll next be out that way, but I definitely have to keep an eye out for that Beavertown Pale Ale — sounds delicious! Maybe I’ll get lucky and stumble across it 🙂

    • Ah, Lindsay would definitely know other places (maybe closer to you) that it’s sold – I wish I had her beer skills so I could tell you! x

  • This restaurant is so cute! Very pinterest worthy and instagramable! That chorizo pizza sounds so yum, and as a lover of seeds too, I’d love to try the salad. And you can never go wrong with gelato – hazelnut has to be my fave flavour too! Xx

  • thegrownupgapyear.wordpress

    Ooh, pizza and beer sounds like my hubby’s perfect place! Will have to check it out if we’re in the area. Also, salted caramel gelato…yum!