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Franco Manca, Pizza Metro Pizza, Pizza Union, Pizza East – I’ve indulged in some of the finest pizza fares that London has to offer! But it doesn’t change the fact that I love, yes LOVE, going to Pizza Express for some old favourites. 

 I was invited to try some of their new seasonal specials. I’ve been invited to try their specials in the past, but this was probably my favourite season so far for one reason: the Pennette Formaggi aka mac ‘n’ cheese. Be still my heart. I’d go back to Pizza Express JUST to eat this mac cheese. It is seriously cheesy, and it’s white bechamel sauce is on (savoury) point. Sam and I split it as a starter, and I am sad that I did, because I could have eaten the entire pot on my own.

When we moved on to the mains, the season special, the Calazone Diavolo, was in order as was the new pizza. The calzone was lovely, and the pops of Tabasco sauce baked in were definitely appreciated. I don’t know how much topping it with prosciutto actually added to the flavour profile of this packed calzone, but I never say “no” to extra prosciutto. The calzone was good, but I’m the kind of person that eats pizza for the crust- the perfect balance of crunchy and soft which is nigh on impossible to experience when you eat a calzone, so for me, I’d stick to pizza next time. The margherita bufala pizza was delicious and those little cherry tomatoes were jam packed with flavour. 

We shared a side of the new potato Niccola. It’s hard to put my finger exactly on what it tasted like, but the closest thing I can estimate is a fried ball of mashed potato topped with parmesan. It was novel and I’m a girl who worships at the altar of potato, but this dish rang in as slightly bland, so next time I’d stick to my trusty polenta chips. 

Last but not least was dessert and coffees. First, I’d like to say that I was incredibly impressed by the love and care that was put into my latte. Coffees with dessert can sometimes seem slapped together and rushed, but the quality and blend was lovely. For dessert I had the seasonal special, treacle tart cheesecake and it was as heavenly as it sounded. I’m a sucker for a thick crust on a cheesecake and this had the perfect, thick but crumbly, buttery biscuit base. 

wine cabinent
pizza express
mac and cheese
pasta close up
mac and cheese pot
Just look at that cheese! 
calzone and salad
calzone close up
Mmm…. oozey goodness!
potato balls
potato close up
bufallo mozerella pizza
pizza close up
treacle cheesecake
cheesecake close up

I was a guest of my local Pizza Express in Dulwich Village, but check out the website to find yours. 

We received our meals complimentary for the purposes of this review, but if I hadn’t genuinely enjoyed my meal, I wouldn’t be writing about it here.

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