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Open my closet and you’ll see mostly dresses. In different fabrics and different cuts, but predominantly dresses all the same. I’ve mentioned time and time again that I prefer my legs to be free of their jail (trousers and jeans) and I want to always be dressed for either a nice visit to a tea room or a dance on top of a mountain. It’s finally starting to warm up in London, and I can’t wait to start wearing some of my favourites without tights. 

I’ve tried narrowing down my wardrobe and turning it into a capsule of sorts, but most of the guidance out there is for people who live in separates. Any advice for a woman who mostly wears dresses? 

I love this Yumi dress’s fun telephone print. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow a quirky print. 

yumi dress
mid dress
A bag
hiding behind bag
full length
close up
Dress: c/o House of Fraser || Necklace || Hat || Bag || Shoes

Pardon my whiteness, but I’m taking part in an “undead” contest soon and I need to permanently be in character. 

What does most of your closet consist of? 

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  • Love the dress, it’s very tea chic – but I adore your hat!!

  • The dress is adorable – love the print!! I’m a big fan of dresses too – they’re always an instant outfit! xxx

  • I am a big fan of print as well, love this dress and hat!

  • t-shirts!:) I’d like to wear dresses more often but..I don’t dress!

  • That dress is AWESOME!
    Sophie Cliff

  • What an amazing dress, I love the way you combined it! My wardrobe mostly consists of skirt, dresses and tops, I am currently going through a phase of wearing trousers every day but I’m sure this is short-lived haha. xx

  • i definitely have more dresses than anything else as well:-) fingers crossed it’s no-tights weather soon! and what a cute outfit! the print of the dress is so fun and i really like your hat, too! xx

  • I’m exactly the same, dresses all year round, and pretty much the same dresses in winter as in summer just with or without tights. I have a yummi dress, that I’ve had for 2 years now and it is still my failsafe. Looks good for whatever the occasion and never fails to make me feel good! Stephie xx

  • Love this look! So quirky 🙂 My wardrobe has a lot of skinny jeans and Breton tops. That’s basically my uniform!

  • Yess totally the same and a real dress girl. I mean that way I don’t really need to think, just throw it on!! I have had the same thought about capsule, how do you make it work?!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • super cute dress!

  • Oh I so like this dress it is super cute

  • Love, love, love that dress! It’s so cute and unique and you pull it off spectacularly!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Such a cute dress! You look lovely x

    Edye //

  • Miu

    I would say, a capsule wardrobe with dresses is allowed as many dresses as others would have trousers and tops combined. Because dresses do not need to be combined. Maybe also making sure that a new dress doesn’t need completely new jewellry or tight colour?

  • Hey there, long time reader, first time commenter (first in a long time)….stealing the undead joke. You crack me up. Also I miss you xxx

    • I miss you too. Though I do stalk you on fb so that’s something. Seriously, my whiteness is nearly blinding in person. No one will know where the wedding dress begins and I end….. x

  • You look lovely! And the white fits Britain perfectly 😉 It’s funny recently at work I’ve worn dresses when I couldn’t be bothered to dress up and people thought I looked fabulous lol so I went out and bought two dresses over the weekend – need to invest in more of them!