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Fashion || The Rise of the Mom Jean

I’ve started wearing the ultimate 90s mom fashion – “mom jeans” with semi regularity. And by semi regularity, I mean they are 100% more comfortable than skinny jeans and though the give me a long flat butt and a saggy crouch all I want is for them to become fashionable again.

The clever marketing ploy to get ladies into these roomy wonders is by re-branding them: “girlfriend jeans”. Make no mistake: these are mom jeans but you feel a bit better about your fashion sense when you call them girlfriend jeans instead. Sam and I had a fairly extensive conversation about “normcore” this weekend. Is normcore even still the it trend? Can bland normality even be considered a trend? An anti-trend? I have so many questions about how Birkenstocks with socks became a thing again. 

But this jean trend is one that I can get on board with; high waisted, roomy thighs, tapered legs – all a recipe for comfort. My next jean investment will definitely be a pair of 1950s inspired Levi 701s, but only when they become more reasonably priced. They are more vintage than “mom” but comfy as a happy medium.

sam's favorite
with jacket
topshop leather
ray ban sunglasses
girlfriend jeans post
gap shirt
big smile
full length
gap girlfried jeans
bent forward
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What can I say? I love my mom jeans. But if President Obama can wear them, so can I! 

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