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London || The Shard

I’ve mentioned my love/hate relationship with The Shard in the past. I love the view, but I hate what the building looks like and how it disrupts the London skyline. Fortunately, I’ve been able to somewhat maintain my moral high-ground and every time I’ve been to the View from the Shard, it has been for a work do. 

Recently, we all went up to the top of the Shard to have a champagne toast and celebrate the end of the spring term. We went up at 7pm and planned to stay to watch the sunset. And we weren’t the only people with that idea. There were quite a few people camped out, calling dibs on prime real estate up against the windows facing the setting sun. Everywhere you looked there were tripods, go-pros and selfie sticks. I even saw a fair few couples snuggling and having a sunset snog.

Unfortunately for me, due to Sam’s fear of heights, I’m not convinced I can ever get him up to the top of the Shard. But were we to go the top of Western Europe’s highest building together, and for anyone else – I do recommend shortly before sunset as the best time to book your tickets to arrive. That way you get to experience both daylight and night time in London from above. 

Also, make sure you book your tickets online in advance – they are cheaper that way! 

views over the city
boat lb station 2 daylight
view from the shard
sun setting by the lonon eyeside of the shardmore london bridge station
london bridge station
london sunset
sunset more
thames at night
lights of the city
tower bridge at night
london at night

Tickets start at £ 25.95 pp. 

The View from the Shard is located right by London Bridge station and it’s impossible to miss. 

What’s the tallest building you’ve conquered? 

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  • I’m never quite sure whether I like the Shard or not. I think I do?

  • See, I’m going to put it out there and say that I really like the Shard – the view and the building itself! I love how it reflects the sunlight, and it’s also one of my markers that I’m almost home when I’m driving back from visiting my parents in Suffolk.
    The red lights on the top also really remind me of the Eye of Sauron…

    • Haha, I also think it looks like the Eye of Sauron or something else nefarious 😉 How far away are you when you can first spot it? xx

      • Nefarious is a great way to describe it – and such an underused word!
        I think it’s round about where the M11 and the M25 cross over, which according to Google Maps is about 20 miles from The Shard. It’s just as you descend this steep hill, and the London skyline suddenly appears in front of you. It looks so impressive, and it always reminds me why I love London! X

  • It always amazes me that the Shard divides opinion so much! I personally kind of love the architectural design – I think it makes for a radical skyline and I like the sharp edges. And that view is to die for – I like your shots of the railway lines bisecting the landscape! Definitely worth visiting the restaurants inside for a drink 🙂

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

    • It definitely is a view to experience! I don’t like that it pulls the focus of the skyline everywhere else in London, but I love being up there! x

  • Eiffel tower I think. I’ve been to a few observation decks/tower/cathedrals but I think the Eiffel was the tallest..

  • Woaaa tickets are far more expensive than I expected! I’d love to go inside and see the view, but for that price I don’t think I will be any time soon!

  • A sunset snog???? In public? What is wrong with people! Yeuggggh!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Last time I went to the Shard it was so foggy that I couldn’t see anything!

  • Christine Everyday

    Wow, such an amazing view!

  • I have yet to go up the Shard but I must admit I do quite like it as part of the London skyline but I can understand why not everyone would like it. xx

    • It just dominates it a bit and I think that’s what I don’t like. The views though – I love! xx

  • I LOVE the shard and I actually quite like how it looks on the skyline, maybe that’s just me?! The views from there are the most incredible 🙂 Great shots!

  • Gaaaahhhhh. London is such a beaut, and I just find it ridic that there’s a price to pay to see how gorgeous it is from above. I get the maintenance fee and all that and I do love the Shard though!

    • It’s definitely ridiculous. (That’s why I was happy to go with work instead of on my own!) xx

  • I agree, I love the view but I kind of hate how it looks on the London skyline! Sunset at the Shard looks beautiful!

  • I was a big fan when I went up last year – for sunset as well so loved seeing it in the sun, then over sunset than at night. It’s definitely worth it 🙂

  • Marsya Jauzi

    Wow, the view is magnificent! The tallest building I manage to reach was KL Tower in my home country, Malaysia! You should visit here. Hehe. Nice post 😉

  • Gorgeous photos! I love your revamp here – so pretty. xx

    • Thanks Charlotte! I’ve been tinkering with it for a while – it’s not quite there yet, but hopefully soon! x