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Travel || Broadstairs the Quintessential English Seaside Town

Broadstairs is another seaside town that we had had on our “to-visit” list for ages. We’d actually had a weekend break there planned a few years ago but had to cancel it at the last minute. When we were staying in Margate, we realised that Broadstairs was a fairly do-able walk away (about 2 hours or a 15 minute bus ride) so off we went! 

The walk itself was gorgeous. If you set out from Margate and follow the “Viking Trail” it takes you along the coast (mostly) all the way to Broadstairs. (With a stopover at the gorgeous Botany Bay). There are several beaches, but the main one is Viking Bay, which is enclosed by the cliffs with the town looming above it. 

Broadstairs markets itself as the “quintessential” seaside town, and it is really. The beach was nicer than Margate beach and filled with old charm. The beach aside, it was also Charles Dickens’ favourite holiday location so you can find many Dickens attractions dotted around. Plus you can spot where he wrote “David Copperfield” and see Bleak House.  It makes absolute sense then, that for one week in June every year, costumed characters take over the streets of Broadstairs for the Dickens Festival. 

Plus whilst you’re there, you have to visit Morelli’s Gelato in Broadstairs, which was the first parlour in the Morelli’s ice cream empire to be opened. Have a scoop of the pistachio gelato and you can thank me later. 

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fort ruins
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dickens plaque
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Have you ever visited Broadstairs?

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