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Travel || Broadstairs the Quintessential English Seaside Town

Broadstairs is another seaside town that we had had on our “to-visit” list for ages. We’d actually had a weekend break there planned a few years ago but had to cancel it at the last minute. When we were staying in Margate, we realised that Broadstairs was a fairly do-able walk away (about 2 hours or a 15 minute bus ride) so off we went! 

The walk itself was gorgeous. If you set out from Margate and follow the “Viking Trail” it takes you along the coast (mostly) all the way to Broadstairs. (With a stopover at the gorgeous Botany Bay). There are several beaches, but the main one is Viking Bay, which is enclosed by the cliffs with the town looming above it. 

Broadstairs markets itself as the “quintessential” seaside town, and it is really. The beach was nicer than Margate beach and filled with old charm. The beach aside, it was also Charles Dickens’ favourite holiday location so you can find many Dickens attractions dotted around. Plus you can spot where he wrote “David Copperfield” and see Bleak House.  It makes absolute sense then, that for one week in June every year, costumed characters take over the streets of Broadstairs for the Dickens Festival. 

Plus whilst you’re there, you have to visit Morelli’s Gelato in Broadstairs, which was the first parlour in the Morelli’s ice cream empire to be opened. Have a scoop of the pistachio gelato and you can thank me later. 

botany bay
road and field
fort ruins
blue door
dickens plaque
amanda in road
pretty houses
houses broadstairs
gelatogelato counter
waterseasidesam in water
broadstairs beach
amanda on beachamanda in water
cold water
beach huts

Have you ever visited Broadstairs?

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  • What a beautiful beach day! Love the top picture with all the colorful houses.

    • We only had a few days this summer when it was true beach weather so we got so enormously lucky that we had timed our trip just right! xx

  • What a beautiful looking place and such a lovely day you had! I definitely want to try some of that pistachio ice-cream…. xxx

  • Broadstairs is one of my favourite places in East Kent! Morelli’s is SO good. It’s also home to Posillipo’s which is one of my fave Italian restaurants. You’ve taken some lovely photos, it’s really at its best in the sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • Thanks Dani! I felt really lucky that we just managed to be there during the heatwave. I think if I’d been there when the weather was in the teens it might not have seemed quite as perfect to me. Thanks for the Italian recommendation – I’ll have to file it away for next time! xx

  • that’s a nice beach! and a lovely town!

  • I go to university in Canterbury and have been to Broadstairs a few times. Morellis is to die for and there is an amazing chip shop called Star of the Sea. BEST CHIPS EVER!! xx

  • Milli

    I haven’t been to broadstairs since I was a kid – but this year headed over to Kingsgate bay just between there are margate and it was so lovely! Morellis Ice cream is the best – but margate also have a fab gelato place! Love your photos lady, and glad you had a great time!

    Milli /

    • Thanks Milli! I had some fab gelato in Margate as well! The coast just really has it covered doesn’t it?! xx

  • I didn’t even know this place existed it is so cute.

    Emma Inks

    • It’s totally sweet! Though I think I saw it at it’s finest. I mightn’t have loved it so much without the heat wave occurring at the same time! x

  • I have a question. What are the little huts for? Who uses them? Why does one have a starfish? Is it filled with starfish? Is it like a mini starfish bar?

    • People/families/ etc rent them out for the season (or own them) and are like tiny shacks to set up camp for. Some of them have full kitchens inside, some have changing rooms, some just hold beach towels and that’s about it. Basically so you can hang out there and never have to bring any stuff with you! x

  • Ah man, this looks SO lovely! I have been meaning to visit this part of England for so long. It looks so classic and beautiful. I might have to wait till next summer and that makes me sad ๐Ÿ™ Immy x

    • I’d probably recommend waiting till next summer. You might not get to see it in it’s glory when it’s a but gloomy out! x

  • Broadstairs is just so lovely – compact, golden sands, easy access to ice cream… watch out for the ladybirds though (long story…)

  • You make me really want to explore more English seaside towns! I think of all your post about that, this is my favorite. It looks more quite, and of course the fact that Dickens’ favorite only makes it even more interesting. Personally, among all English seaside towns you visited, which one is your favorite?

    • oh gosh – it’s so hard to pick. I love Brighton because of the vibe and energy that it has going on, but as for smaller towns it’s a real toss up! x

  • Like the photos, it does look like a nice place

  • this looks like an amazing little town!

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  • I love love love little seaside towns like this! And the weather looked PERFECT!

  • Miu

    Oh, it looks so lovely!

  • It looks so lovely – and actually so summery!! I miss living by the seaside so much – there is something so magical about spending a sunny day by the sea ๐Ÿ™‚