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Recipes || The #Bakeoffbakealong Recap

First of all, a big, big, big thank you to everyone who baked along with Ala and me! It was a joy to read your bakes, or look at your instagrams every week! We had a whopping 500+ uses of the hashtag, which was amazing. 

You may notice I didn’t include those devil cookies – tudor jumbles – in this baking collage. 

To recap:

Week 1: Cake Week (I baked a blueberry lemon drizzle cake.) 
Week 2: Biscuit Week (I baked almond and cherry viennese whirls.) 
Week 3: Bread Week (I baked a rosemary plaited loaf)
Week 4: Batter Week (Lacy pancakes were made…though not by me.) 
Week 5: Pastry Week (I baked berry danishes, probably my favourite bake of the season). 
Week 6: Botanicals Week (I baked fougasse)
Week 7: Desserts Week (I baked a chocolate roulade
Week 8: Tudor Week (I baked jumbles. Disgusting.) 
Week 9: Patisserie Week (I baked fondant fancies)
Week 10: The Final (I made Victoria sponge cake.) 

What were your least and most favourite bakes of the year? 

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