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When I was trying to decide how to start my Thailand travel posts, the beach seemed the most natural starting point. It’s where Sam and I spent 99% of our daily time. Sam and I are both massive beach people, so getting some beachy winter sun was a necessity out of our honeymoon. It also seems appropriate to start our honeymoon posts on today, February 7th, our engagement anniversary. We were so keen on not wasting any of our precious time in Thailand that the latest that we ever slept in was 7:30am. Most days were were up pre-7am and we even had a 5am rise or two.

Once we’d nabbed a spot by the beach everyday we were comfortable enough to leave our things there whilst we went for swims and romps. There are miles and miles of beach in the Khao Lak area. Our closest (and it was literally out our front door) was Bang Niang and Nang Thong beaches. The beach was reasonably unspoilt, and even though we were there at the beginning of the busy season, it was relatively uncrowded. Especially South-ish in Khao Lak where we were.

When you wander along the beach you can find little beach huts selling all manner of things; from drinks and food to hour-long Thai massages. (At £5 an hour, I definitely had a massage or two – it was heaven. The masseuse walked on my back and legs and I loved it.)  In the evening,  hotels would take over portions of the beach for screening outdoor movies and people would walk along selling clothing, jewellery and lanterns to tourists. We watched many a lantern be launched into the night sky, but sadly we never did our own. 

We saw so many gorgeous sunsets in Khao Lak, and when I think about the defining moments of our honeymoon, cuddling up and stargazing on the beach will be one of them 

Swimsuits in this post: Swimsuit 1 and Swimsuit 2 || Sunglasses

Are you a beach holiday person? Or do you prefer a bit more adventure? 

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