ABCs of Spring

Monday was the first day of Spring and I’m so glad that Winter is behind us. I get infinitely more cheerful with the advent of spring and that just continues on through the summer. So it’s time for my annual ABCs of Spring post! Every year, for each season, I countdown (alphabet style) the things that I’d like to do that season. So without further ado, here’s 2017’s ABCs of Spring! 

Ascot Opening Day. I’ve attended Royal Ascot for the past few years, and I’d definitely make a trip down South for it again! 

Bank Holidays! The Spring is filled with Bank Holidays and who doesn’t love a good long weekend? 

Cleaning – am I the only person that finds a good spring clean really satisfying?!

Daylight. I really do feel so much happier the more sun there is. I got off really lightly this winter since we went to Thailand this year in deepest, darkest winter and it gave me a sweet taste of that extra sunlight! 

Easter lunch. I’ll never miss a good excuse to feast! 

Fresh flowers. I love the abundance of cheap tulips and daffodils in the spring. 

Gdansk, Dublin and then maybe Italy! It’s going to be a spring of cheap but cheerful travels.
Hunt down some more plants for inside the house. I have my eye on a big indoor tree and a snake plant. 

Implore the gods that Sam pass his driving test so that I can make him drive me around. 

Join in with more bloggers up North. My blogging community is still quite London based and I’d like to start meeting up with more bloggers in Harrogate and Leeds. 

Keep plugging away at my “to eat at in York” list. For a smallish town, York has a lot of notoriously good eats so it’s taken me longer than I thought to try to tick them off my list! 

Learn to shoot on manual better. Sam’s shown me some tricks but I still have so much more to learn! 

My birthday. (How could I leave it out?!) 

Nabbing a few hours at the Yorkshire Literary Festival that goes on for 2 weeks every March. 

Oxford vs Cambridge boat race. It’s one of Sam and my traditions to watch it together.

Packing away all my winter clothing. It gives me SO much joy to pack away my heavy parka every year! 

Quit procrastinating when it comes to running in the evenings.

Running in the evening and still having sunlight for it! 

Shape up our back garden. We have an actual outside space but I’ve spent less than 5 minutes in it since we moved in. It’s in a pretty dire state at the moment, so hopefully we can make it look a bit more snazzy.

Tourist activities in York. Now that there’s more time to enjoy York after work, Sam and I can engage in some proper tourist activities. A ghost tour is at the top of my list! 

Unplug more often and spend some entire weekends away from my phone.

Visitors in York. We already have a few friends booked in for weekends with us. I can’t wait to show them around York!

Weddings! The never ending tide of friends getting married rolls on! 

Xylophone Spring Band Concert, York edition. 

Yorkshire moors. Sam and I are *hopefully* planning some long hiking days out on the moors.

Zipping around on spring road trips in the car with Sam! 

What would you like to do this spring? 

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