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After all the heartache and anger that was directed at Bloglovin’ over the weekend, I’ve decided to start to phase out my Bloglovin’ account. Which is sad because I have thousands of followers on there. But after the canonical url issues, and the fact that despite having changed the canonical issue, if you pin one of my posts from Bloglovin’ Bloglovin gets the credit.

So I’m giving all my dear readers notice now, that eventually, I will ask Bloglovin’ to remove my blog from their account and delete my RSS feed from their system. (And then I can change my RSS to not be just a preview anymore.) If you’d like to still follow along, please put your email address into the box on the right hand side to subscribe to get my posts straight to your inbox. Or add me to your RSS feed in something like Feedly. Last but not least, hooray! I’ll also start creating a newsletter that you can sign up for.  And you can do so below. I’ll only ever send out a newsletter once a week featuring all that’s happened lately on Rhyme & Ribbons and any other posts out there in the blogosphere that I think need extra love! 

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That’s all folks! Hope you have a great weekend!

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