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With Sam being a big movie buff, and me just liking to go on adventures, it seemed natural that we schedule a time to visit James Bond Island whilst in Thailand. (Actually called Khao Phing-Ka). It’s where 1974’s “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. It’s also where Khao Tapu is located; the tall needle-shaped rock is (I believe it turns into a laser gun in the film? Or it’s Scaramanga’s hideaway?) Khao Tapu is located in the middle of Khao Phing-Ka Bay.

Khao Phing Ka is quite a rocky, limestone island with lots of caves and forest. There’s this amazingly huge limestone slab that’s leaning against another, forming a massive 20 meter high crevasse. The James Bond franchise actually returned to the Bay several decades later to film bits of “Tomorrow Never Dies” near James Bond Island. I’m not really into Bond (especially not the Daniel Craig ones #sorrynotsorry), so I think Sam was a bit more excited about the movie background to the area, but I was just excited to gape at such an amazing natural wonder. I’d estimate that the trip up and around the island takes around 20 minutes; in general, I think you’d need about an hour to spend on the island happily. There are a few stalls that sell knick-knacks and trinkets mostly made from shell and pearl by the women from nearby Panyi Island. 

I don’t know if the island National Park staff was just being super cautious, but it’s the only place on our adventures where we came across warning signs for Portuguese Men of War in the water, so that’s something to be aware of. It’s a protected National Park so carrying out litter and staying on paths is strictly enforced. 

Would there be any particular filming location that you’d be excited to visit? 

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