New Ways to Follow

New Ways to Follow

Hello all! 

Have you checked out my latest vlog? If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to my YouTube channel. Or even better, you can subscribe to my channel and you’ll get a notification when I upload a new video. 

Awhile back I blogged about wanting to move away from Bloglovin’ (for many reasons but mostly due to their dodgy ethics). I recently hit 3000 subscribers on Bloglovin’, which I’m supremely grateful for, but I’m hoping that you’ll do me a big favour and subscribe another way as well? 

That way, I can well and truly ask Bloglovin’ to take my account down one day soon. 

Here are the 3 ways that you can subscribe to Rhyme & Ribbons besides via bloglovin: 

1) Use a feed reader like Feedly to subscribe to my RSS feed. 

2) Subscribe to my newsletter – on my sidebar the first section for entering in your email is for my newsletter. You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. If you do not confirm it, you’ll not be added to the list. My newsletter includes many things not mentioned on my blog as well as a round-up of posts that you might have missed. 

3) Subscribe to my posts via email – also in my sidebar. It’s the second option for entering in your email address. Every time a new post goes live, you’ll get an email notification in your inbox to check it out. 

Of course, you can also follow along via social media including: Twitter || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook || YouTube  

But if you didn’t get an email from me in your inbox this weekend it means that you’re not subscribed to it yet. You can do so right here, right now: Newsletter Signup 

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  • I have stopped using Bloglovin but I’ve not asked them to take my blog off of it yet. I should write a similar post; I use Feedly and it’s amazing!

    • Whoohoo, thanks so much for the shout out Charlotte 🙂

    • Please write a post with you best practice for utilizing all the Feedly features! x

  • These are such better ways to follow your fun!

  • I have narrowed my Bloglovin’ down to just blogs I actually like, but I’ve found I barely need to look through their daily emails anymore because all of my favourite blogs I’m subscribed to their posts via email anyway! Alice xxx

    • I’ve transferred most of mine over to feedly instead, but I’ve got a few more to move before all my reading list is there. I miss Google Reader. RIP Google Reader (circa 2013) xx

  • I definitely am planning on blogging about Feedly soon – it’s so good!

    • I can’t wait to read that post! I feel like I’m not utilising it to it’s full advantages! x

  • I follow you via email, it is my method of choice to follow blogs

  • I think I’m subscribed to all of them 🙂 I also noticed that since I stopped even going on Bloglovin’ I have had a lot of people subscribe *sigh

  • I didn’t know you were on YouTube, I’ve subscribed.