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swiriling leaves

Every so often you find a brand and want pretty much everything from it. COS is one of those brands for me, as is Toast, and & Other Stories. I very rarely buy new clothing (I am lucky that I get gifted a few pieces here and there) but when I saw this Other Stories dress I knew that I needed it. 

I have a general rule of thumb that if I see something that I instantly want, I don’t buy it immediately. I wait two weeks and see if I still want it. If I do, then it goes on my wishlist. A good example of this would be my Birkenstocks. I love those ugly sandals. I’d wanted a pair for ages so they made it to my list. I kept an eye on spring sales last year, and when they went on sale I grabbed them up. 

I usually shy away from maxi dresses as I usually don’t think that they suit me, but I was inexplicably drawn to this piece. I loved it when I put it on, but I had a tiny sliver of doubt in my mind. I had to have Sam reassure me that I didn’t look like an extra from “Little House on the Prairie”. (First I had to explain what “Little House on the Prairie” was.) 

Confident that it wasn’t something that Laura Ingalls Wilder would be seen out and about in, I threw it on with aplomb. 
& other stories dress mid shot smiling in the autumn leaves red leaves red leaves and other stories dress other stories dress
swiriling leavesother stories dress close up leaves in hand other stories dress leaning against tree full length other stories dress boots & other stories dress

I feel like an autumnal Goddess in these photos. Thank you to Yorkshire for your beautiful foliage! 

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Dress (similar, similar) || Boots || Lipstick 

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  • I love your outfit! I normally stay away from long dresses too–I think they make me look a bit too short–but if I see one that catches my eye, I should follow your lead and try it on!

    • I usually really dislike them on me but there was just something about this one that made me second guess myself! X

  • The dress looks beautiful on you Amanda, and it’s such a classic piece that I’m sure you’ll have it in your wardrobe forever! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • That dress is so beautiful, and it suits you so well! And what a gorgeous backdrop you’ve found for your photos as well – I love all those colourful leaves! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • This is such an amazing outfit! I really really love this dress and your shoes are the cutest thing to pair it with!!
    Lucie, xx

  • I think these are my favourite photos of you ever!! You’re so beautiful and this dress is gorgeous! Alice xxxx

  • What a pretty dress, and it looks so good on you

  • RosieBaillie

    That looks great on you, and these photos are amazing. I don’t like long dresses too, I feel like they look a weird length on me and make me look shorter.

  • This dress is stunning on you and the photography is beautiful

  • Stumbling back into Blogdom today.

    I read “I had to have Sam reassure me that I didn’t look like an extra from
    “Little House on the Prairie”. (First I had to explain what “Little
    House on the Prairie” was.)” and laughed out loud. Literal LOL.

    Polka dot dresses are always amazing and I can confirm, this does not look like the kind of thing one would churn butter in. Ok, I have no idea what people did on prairies 130 years ago, but butter churning sounds good in my head. Excellent dress x

    • Butter churning, for sure. Maybe some wood whittling? Definitely also it somehow involves corn… 😉 x