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Glasgow Necropolis and cathedral

Today seemed the perfect time to share my visit to the Glasgow Necropolis. (Though in full disclosure, it wasn’t spooky at all!). I’ve mentioned before that I find Victorian cemeteries quite striking. Hauntingly beautiful, in their own ways. 

The Glasgow Necropolis is Glasgow’s answer to London’s Highgate cemetery. It’s on a very prominent hill to the east of Glasgow Cathedral, so even if you have zero interest in cemeteries, it offers stunning views of the city. It’s also a dog-walkers paradise and we met so many other dog owners (including the owner of 3 dachshunds!) 

There are over 50,000 individuals buried in the Necropolis, and the vast majority aren’t listed on monuments or have headstones. (There are only 3500 monuments there.) In terms of design, it was modeled on its reasonably contemporary partner in Paris, Pere Lachaise. It covers more than 37 acres. And apparently there are freemasonry symbols and puzzles scattered throughout. 

The giant statue of John Knox atop the hill actually predates the cemetery and it was built around him. He founded the Presbyterian Church in Scotland and was a leader in the Protestant reformation, and he had some really unsavoury views about women. One of his works is famously called “The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women” (1558) – a reaction to the reign of Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I in England and arguing that female rule was against God and against nature. (An “abominable empire of wicked women”.) I therefore danced around his monument entirely disrespectfully. 

The main entrance to the Glasgow Necropolis is stunning. It’s a bridge that was built over the Molendinar Burn, and it was nicknamed the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ an allusion to the famous bridge in Venice and also the fact that it was part of the funeral route into the Necropolis. 

In the winter, the Necropolis is open from 8am-4:30pm every day. Admittance is free. 
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Have you ever visited the Glasgow Necropolis? 

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  • It looks really amazing in Glasgow, definitely on my destination bucket list

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Ray

    I miss this place.

  • I didn’t realise John Knox is buried there, I would’ve made the same dance as well πŸ˜€ Although, I found the Necropolis beautiful in it’s own way I am not a bit fan of it. The views are great, but don’t offer the best of Glasgow, but rather the grey industrial side of it. The cathedral is absolutely gorgeous though!!


    • Well weirdly, his body isn’t actually there. Just one of his monoliths. I think he has several (yuck). I can completely understand what you mean about the views (I kind of like that you can see the clash on influencing factors on Glasgow – the classic and the industrial). x

  • Ooh this looks like such a beautiful place to visit! The views look amazing too, so I’ll definitely need to put this on my list for the next time I visit Glasgow xx

    • I definitely highly recommend it! (Obviously it’ll be more enjoyable it the weather is nice!) xx

  • Wow, those views are pretty amazing and I can definitely see the resemblance to Pere Lachaise. I’d never even heard of it before I read this, but I’m definitely going to have a look next time I’m in Glasgow.

  • BEAUTIFUL photos! I visited the Necropolis when I was in Glasgow bck in March – it was such an amazing place and really breathtaking being up there so close to the sky. x

  • There is always something so mysterious and beautiful about an old cemetery. There is a huge one in Paris and I just love going there…. Does that sound creepy?
    Lucie, xx

    • Not creepy at all! (Or if it is then I’m creepy too because I feel exactly the same way.) x

  • I’m glad that you danced around that monument! That looks like an amazing place to visit. If you ever get the chance to visit Vilnius, you should make it a point to drop by the Bernardine Cemetery, which is super old and built on a hill, and is really just beautiful.

    • I was actually look at tickets to Vilnuis fairly recently – I’ll definitely put it on my list! x

  • I definitely wanna visit Glasgow, I only been there once for a conference so haven’t got to see much.

    Hadas | The Fashion Matters- Luxury travel and fashion blog

  • I think very fondly about my time at the Glasgow Necropolis… Glasgow was where we flew into from North America (first stop on this big adventure) and I remember taking a bunch of really emo looking cemetery photos there. Fascinating spot! I’m just a sucker for spooky places, though. And I recall down the hill near the cathedral there’s a sweeeet little cafe to warm up at.

  • Hauntingly beautiful is the perfect phrase for this!

  • I love the necropolis!