Random Wednesday: My ‘lil bro

Happy Hump Day everyone!
On Wednesdays I usually blog about something completely random, Can’t Believes, Confessions, etc. Well here’s something I both can’t believe and is a confession: I can’t believe my little brother will be 21 this fall!! This week I am proud to blog about my little brother.  Last night was his college’s athletic awards ceremony and he won MVP of the year for his college tennis team.  (He’s the captain.)  It was streaming live so my mom and I were able to “be there” even though he’s in Virginia. My brother comes home from college next week and in honor of his return and his award, today’s post is inspired by my favourite Amanda/Zach pictures.
As kids, Zach and I fought like crazy.  Seriously. We were those kids. His favourite pastime was irritating me. But then we also liked playing together. Our favourite game was zipping the other one up inside a suitcase and then pushing the suitcase down the stairs. We called it “Earthquake”. It’s actually amazing that neither of us have brain damage.
(The first time I ever saw him.  If only I knew the horror to come. With my grandma )
(He was the fattest baby in the entire world. Seriously, he weighed over 10lbs at birth.
I tell friends how FAT he was and no one ever believes me. Now they will.
His nickname was “Butterball” for the first few years of life.
Not that I can talk. Look at those cheeks.)
(I honestly have no idea why he’s wearing a tux. But I like it.
Confession time: He LOVED playing dress up with me when we were kids.)
(His first day of school. He grew into his ears. I stopped wearing overalls.
If you look closely I am reading “The Little Princess”.
Did anyone else get a copy of the locket after the movie came out?)
(That poor cat.  We had to give him away (the cat, not my brother) because it turned out I was allergic.)
(He was perfecting the B-boy stance before it even existed.)
(Zach and me in the Flying Teacups at DisneyWorld.

I was 12 and he was 8.)

(Fast forward a million years to Fall 2011 when I helped him move into his dorm room!)
(This Spring. Holy &*!# What happened to my little brother?!?
I cropped the other people out of this photo because I totally just creeped it from Facebook so I didn’t feel right displaying their faces on the Internet. Also he’s like 6’2” which is ridiculous.)


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  • Megan Mee

    Hi, Amanda! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I must say, I laughed out loud about the “Hurricane” game… a nice morning giggle to start off my day. Happy Wednesday!

    Megan @

    • Ha! Thanks Megan! I still can’t believe that game never resulted in broken bones! xx

  • Sally

    What a fun post… and I agree, it’s amazing no one was brain damaged in that game. That’s hilarious!

    • Right? Not even a broken bone! We must have been very rubbery kids. xx

  • Noor Unnahar

    It is a cute post . I have a twin sister & we were like “those” kids . Fighting , sharing , caring all at once . Though we’re grown up now . But reading this post just made me remind the old stuff πŸ™‚
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

    • Even though I always told me brother I wished I was an only child, I have never once meant it. There’s nothing like siblings! But having a twin must be even more fun! xx

  • This is such a cute post! I love all the pictures of you two (and the captions!). I laughed out loud when you said your family had to give away your cat (not your brother).

    • Haha thanks! I can’t wait to see his stupid face next week! I did ask my parents multiple times growing up if we could give him away too…. xx

  • Megalin

    I can’t even believe my youngest sis is 14 and now in high school so I totally feel you!
    Stopping by from the link-up πŸ™‚

    • Its so strange to see little siblings become real people! I dont know if I’ll ever think of him as an adult! xx

  • Haha aww this is cute! I’m the baby of the family so it’s fun to read the older siblings perspective!! What college does he go to in Virginia?!!!

  • Deidre

    Do you guys get along together now?

    This is such a sweet post!

    • Ha we do! Of course there are things brothers and sisters will always fight about but we love each other to bits! xx