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I’m leaving Atlanta today and what an amazing time it’s been. I can’t wait to fill you all in on the fabulous adventures and reunions that I’ve been having over the past week and a half. Of course, I miss Sam like crazy and can’t wait to see him again tomorrow. (That’s right, I leave on America on Tuesday but don’t get back to Newcastle until Wednesday lunchtime, really!) And since I’ll be in flight and in transit all today and not writing, you may have a special guest post for tomorrow!

On our first weekend in Newcastle we went out to Tynemouth Castle. The castle is about 30 minutes outside of Newcastle but it’s easily accessible via the Metro.  It’s also located on a rocky headland named Pen Bal Crag which makes me giggle.

Basically it’s a moated castle, gatehouse and keep combined with the ruins of a Benedictine priory where the early kings of Northumbria were buried.

Tynemouth Castle and Priory
Priory ruins viewed from the cliff side.
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
Sam with the headland in the background.
This instagram filter makes me look like a monster. So I kept it for my reader’s amusement.

The castle and grounds housed soldiers until the 1960s and was heavily armed during WWI and WWII.

Tynemouth Castle and Priory
Sitting on a WWI gun, as one does at ancient ruins.
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
The shore viewed from an arrowslit!
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
It’s beautiful there. Even with the terrifying storm looming!
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
Welcome to my castle!
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
Gazing up at the ruins. And fantasising about having a wedding there.
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
 The whole view of the priory.
Tynemouth Castle and Priory
Trapped like a rat inside the castle. You might have seen this photo on my Instagram account a while back.
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  • Hi! I’m a new follower from the Lets Be Friends hop. Nice blog! : )

  • Chelsee

    Wow those are some gorgeous pictures! I can’t believe you were in GA! BTW I love your new blog design!

    • I know, I ate so many biscuits 🙂 ! I was in the Sephora in Lenox mall in Atlanta and I randomly thought about you! (Also thank you!) x

  • Sarah Beth

    So gorgeous! I can’t wait to visit sites like this when I do get to England!


  • That castle is gorgeous! I want to go!

    You could never look like a monster. Maybe a gremlin. Not a monster. <3

    • Haha when you come visit me (and the Gremlin) I’ll take you to tons of castles and ruins! xx

  • this is gorgeous as are you, love the hat! can’t wait to hear about Atlanta!

    • Aww thank you girl! It was amazing being back in Atlanta. I can’t wait to write about it! x

  • love the castles here, each one has such great characteristics. x

    • Agreed! And I loved seeing how this one had been repurposed over the years (since it was in use till the 60s) x

  • A moated castle, how awesome! And no photo makes you look like a monster, unless it is a ridiculously good looking monster!

  • Rachel Wright

    Gorgeous! Good luck traveling back! Xx

  • The photos are lovely – I adore your hat!

  • Yah! I can actually comment now! Did you ever watch the show, “Most Haunted”.. it was one of my all time favourite shows on t.v. This castle, even the name of it totally reminds me of a place the team would have visited. It’s eerie.. ya know!? And hehe, I did giggle at your ‘monster’ picture… 😉

    • yes! I used to work as a tour guide in one of the places that most haunted visited once! The monster replaced the gremlin that day…. x

  • My in-laws live very close to Tynemouth Priory (in Whitley Bay), we have been there often! But we are now in Atlanta, where I am from, so loved reading this post 🙂

    • Ah! Where are you from in Atlanta?! Whitley Bay is beautiful! I just left Atlanta yesterday to return back to England! x

      • I grew up in E Cobb but we live in Brookhaven. I lived in London (Wimbledon) with my husband for 3 years before we had our son and I wanted to be near family – back in Atlanta, not Whitley Bay, even though we are there every year!

        • What a small world! When we lived in London we lived in Clapham Junction and Crystal Palace (did some moving). I used to live on the borders of the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta.

  • these photos are all so gorgeous!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Wow some of those photos almost look like a backdrop in a shot (not a bad thing)! Looks like a beautiful place to wander around 🙂

  • Wow these photos took my breath away! Fantastic! I also like your hat 🙂

  • Aww, I haven’t been there in ages! Need to go back. Did you visit Lindisfarne while you were in Newcastle? The priory there is pretty cool too.

    Love the hat!

    • I haven’t but I’ll have to put Lindisfarne on the list! Thanks! x

      • It is AMAZING. You have to check the tides, because you can’t drive across to Holy Island when the tides are in. You are in a great place to explore Northumbria, which really is amazing!

  • That WOULD be a gorgeous place to have a wedding!

    • Ha! Thank you! It would probably cost an arm and a leg…and your other arm and leg though! x

  • it’s maybe even MORE beautiful with the storm approaching! I wonder if the priory was destroyed by Henry VIII like so many others or if it fell into ruin earlier – do you know?

    • I do know *nerd alert* The priory wasn’t destroyed but the monastery was disbanded. The church was converted and remained operational while priory, Prior’s house and surrounding lands we granted to one of Henry’s buddies.The Castle remained in royal hands and was further fortified. It’s actually were Henry Percy was born! x

  • Elle

    You’re adorable!!! I LOVE these photos! The ruins are outstanding and there is just something so awesome about castles! So dreamy

  • Castles are awesome, I hope to see a real one someday too! And I had to laugh at that monster comment, you do look scary in that pic!

    • Right?! It’s so weird! After Sam took it he was like, “It looks like someone is wearing an Amanda mask!” Which is terrifying and true! When you come visit England one day, I’ll show you a castle 😉 xx

  • Postcards from Rachel

    Those ruins are INSANE. You both look so small in front of them!!!