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Travel || Weston-super-Mare, England

Weston-super-Mare (a silly sounding name) is Latin for “Weston on Sea”. Last week we set aside our housing hunt for a few days to go visit a member of Sam’s family who was in the hospital.

The walk between the hotel and the hospital was beautiful. It was all along the seafront, which was the best part of Weston. (The only real part?) But we really poorly judged the distance between the hotel and the hospital. It ended up being a verk brisk 30 minute walk or a leisurely 45 minute one. Luckily the weather held up for the duration of our time there.

Weston is one the Western coast on England. In fact you can see Wales from the shore. It also has the second largest tidal rise in the entire world! Sometimes the sea recedes almost a mile from it’s high tide point. The photo below is of the pier and at high tide it’s completely surrounded by water. As you can see the water is way beyond it, just to give you an idea of it’s growth!

weston-super-mare pier
Beautiful shore line.
weston-super-mare shore
Sam walking out to read a sign. The “rock” in the distance is an island called Steep Holm.
weston-super-mare sign
 This is what the sign read. Due to the tidal rise and fall there is a LOT of mud.
No I haven’t grown a hump on my back- it’s a hood. I was so chilly that I was wearing Sam’s hoodie under my peacoat on top of a shirt and sweater. Hence the hood.
There was a lovely plaque on the seafront that read:
” ‘Look out to sea.’ she said.
‘It’s like freedom. Really.
Isn’t it because there’s nothing
stopping you?’ “
weston-super-mare weston-super-mare
Weston at sunset.
One of the things I adore most about England are it’s lovely seaside towns!

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  • We have a Swedish friend who lived in Taunton and worked in Weston-super-mare and for the longest time he thought they were saying Weston-superman on the intercom at the station!

    • Ha! It does sound like that! But I never would have thought it unless someone pointed it out! I enjoyed visiting but i’m not sure I’d personally want to work there! x

  • I always thought it was an odd name! It still is, but I know what it means now! : )

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    Bristol is my home town, so many a weekend was spent in Weston. I have pictures of me as a tot on what we call Weston Super Mud – covered in muddy sand from head to toe (and looking proud with it!) I my late teens I used to visit the Old Colonial pub for Sunday roast dinners with my friends.

    • Ha that’s great! Sam’s dad lives in Clevedon now so we’re over in that neck of the woods fairly frequently! X

  • These photos are sooo gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking up with us for Totally Posted Tuesday!

  • Karly Kim

    You’ve seen the most beautiful places in the world!

  • Gorgeous photos! What the plaque said is lovely too!

    • I really liked it! Even though some people night think the plaque was cheesy, I thought it was really nice! X

  • I’m so morbid.. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that picture of the sign, Danger: Sinking mud.. to be taken from the ground.. and half of the screen was covered with mud…… HAHAHAHA! Poor Sam, didn’t make it.. but this picture did.

  • Emily Hornburg

    Hi from Totally Posted Tuesday! And this is awesome. I’ve always wanted to go to England.

  • Well if you ever need any recommendations I can give you quite a few. But I am sure you’ll have an amazing time! X

  • okay I know it’s serious but the guy in the mud sign is kind of comic…