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Portobello Road Market

Every London blogger blogs about Portobello Road Market at least once. It’s like a rite of passage. For me Portobello Road will always remind me of Disney film  “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” (and the awesome song.) For other people, the film “Notting Hill”. Portobello Road is a street in Notting Hill in the  Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  Notting Hill itself is famous for it’s (expensive) pastel colored buildings. On Saturdays it hosts on of London’s most well-known street markets. I even read that it’s the largest antiques market in the world! (Although I have no assurance of the validity of that statement.)

There are 100s of sellers and stalls, with even more people milling around. I’ve never been there on a market day and not seen a crowd. Even in the rain.  It stretches for about 2 miles, but when you are browsing it seems never-ending!

Whilst you can find some amazing and beautiful things at the Portobello Road, I definitely wouldn’t consider it bargain shopping. This isn’t quite the place of cheap trinkets and discount souvenirs. Don’t expect car boot sale prices. Thus the junk hunter in me rejoices, the bargain hunter does not.

furniture stallcrowded marketcherries chipsdonutslicense plates stall silverwaretea pots and cupsportobello road houseswith grafittiknocking on pink doors
Yes, that plate reads “Bank Robber” Obviously, I loved that.

Dress: Spitalfields Market (similar style here). Shoes: similar.  Tights: TopShop.


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  • Yay Notting Hill 🙂 I’ve seen soooo many awesome pictures of Portobello Road now and I just love these colourful houses! Would love to visit the market!

    • Hypothetically I’d love to live in Notting Hill. But only if two things changed. 1) It became much, much cheaper. 2) It wasn’t so crowded all the time! It is beautiful and there are such cute shops and delicious restaurants! x

  • I have a bracelet I bought there in 2005 and even though I never wear it anymore I also cannot part with it! Love that dress on you!

  • Whenever I’m in London I always make sure to visit Portobello Road market on Saturday. I love it!

    • Have you had brunch at Books for Cooks? I hear it’s brilliant but I haven’t yet been! x

      • Nope not yet. Next time I’m in London I’ll try to look it up and will let you know if I try it out x

  • It’s totally Notting Hill for me! Also, your dress is gorgeous! Where’s it from?

    • Ha, thank you! It’s from one of those completely naff stalls in Spitalfields Market that sells what look like a billion poorly made dresses. But you kind find some treasures in there if you look. Or in this case, if Sam looks. (It was a birthday gift a few years ago 🙂 ) xx

  • So glad you wrote this. I have been planning to check out Portobello Rd. on our next trip back to England. Loved the photos and the little bit of style at the end. ;o)


    • Thank you! I’m sure you’d love it! (Although it might be a bit overwhelming for wee ones!) 🙂 x

  • I’ve never actually been to Portobello Market, even though my boyfriend works round there! Although I’m sure he comes back from work once a week with something new from a vintage shop… hmmm! Looks fab and just LOOK at those teapots – oh my. x

    • I’d love if Sam popped home with something from a vintage shop every week…. Those teapots though- I wanted ALL OF THEM. ALL THINGS. My inner twee-self was outraged that I am on such a tight budget this summer 🙁 Maybe next time! x

  • mini

    Hi Amanda, I adore your blog. I recently stumbled upon it, which means that I keep hitting the “older posts” tab to read more. 🙂
    I started a blog recently about a year back, please do drop by.

  • Olivia

    such fun photos! i want to go!

    and L2.50 for cherries is completely insane, haha. definitely not for the budget!

    • I guess at my local Sainsburys cherries are £2 but of mediocre quality….but still that is quite the mark up! x

  • Love your dress!

  • I want to go to there!!!! I love the pictures of the spoons..! I don’t even know what I would use them for.. but I had the urge to buy some.. AND.. were those chips on a stick!!? AMAZING.

    • Yes they were Haley. Yes they were. Hand cut chips on sticks….*drools a little*… You could make jewellery out of the spoons? A friend has an awesome bracelet made out of a bent spoon! x

  • I’ve still never been, one day!

  • Em

    Love love love old “junk”!! Can you recommend any antiquy places to find bargains in London? Your photos a great and the Bedknobs and Broomsticks comparison made me smile 🙂

    • In terms of vintage furniture visiting a local charity shop is going to be cheaper than all the big London markets. Although Thursdays at Spitalfields Market has some good finds! I also luckily live in a neighborhood that has more vintage shops than regular ones! x

  • Brianna DePauw

    I am seriously lusting over those tea pots! And great pictures!

  • Let me know if you’re going any time soon! xx

  • Exactly! If I am buying second-hand I want second-hand prices. Otherwise it seems like a rip-off… (Obviously antiques are different, but who am I kidding, I’ll never be able to afford antiques!) x

  • Well if they make you reminisce that’s definitely a compliment! 🙂 xx

  • Ha! Me too! xx