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Summer Fashion- BBQ Edition

One glorious, sunny London evening Sam and I ventured into Crystal Palace Park loaded with things. Bags and bags of food (enough for about 5 but it was just us two); a disposable BBQ; bricks that I had collected to set said disposable BBQ on to keep the ground at the park nice; and a plethora of blankets and books.

After eating more halloumi than is advisable and a few glasses of fizz in us both, we took some photos for today’s outfit post. As you can see, the results are varied. (But more fun due to the previous statement.)

outfitsitting?pouringlushbraidsam and bottle treeIMG_3853
And what picnic with me would be complete without me trying to poke Sam with a giant stick?

Shorts: Louche (out of stock, but the rest of the shorts from Louche are similar). Nail polish: OPI Russian Navy. Top: River Island (old, similar here). Shoes: Coach. Bag: Cath Kidston. Sunglasses:  Ray Ban aviators.

Summer fashion can seem super lazy, can’t it? What does your  go-to summer outfit look like?

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  • Cute summery outfit! And your long hair is so pretty. I’ve been thinking a lot about summer outfits… I joke with Alex that almost every outfit I wear these days is my “summer guy” look.

    • Ah thank you! I’ve had two dreams in the past month that I’ve cut all my hair off. I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s a sign that I should! x

  • I always figure if you do anything similar to camping which a picnic in a park more than a mile from my house is to me you need food for days just in case! You look lovely though and I love those sailor style buttons, I used to have pants like that from Nordstroms and am now wondering where they went.

    • We had more food than the family of 4 next to us did…. but it was in case we got peakish after our dinner- we didn’t want to cut our time outside short because someone (probably me) insisted we go home for a snack. Extra food- problem solved! x

  • This is an adorable outfit! I love that the glass matches your shorts ;).

  • I also wanted to say I love how the glass matches your shorts, but Kate got in before me!

  • I love a good evening in the park. Those shorts are adorable!

  • Super, super cute shorts! I wish we had more parks around here that we could just walk to, but Charleston’s kind of spread out and we don’t have any near us. I guess the backyard will have to do! 🙂

    • Thank you! You might not have parks but you have some absolutely glorious beaches that I’m pretty jealous of! x

  • I love your shorts! So very cute!

  • I love those shorts! And those champagne glasses! And pretty much anything else that’s turquoise, haha. 🙂

  • As always I’m super jealous of your wardrobe! I wish my summer fashion looked that good – I get very lazy in summer and usually just throw a dress on and a pair of sunglasses! Also, I love your hair – did you ombre it?xx

    • I have far more summer clothes than winter clothes. It’s what happens when you grow up in New Mexico, I think. And I reached the height I am at now at like age 11, (I was a giant for a few years, then everyone else grew and now I am just average height. And I never really grew boobs) so I have some shorts and t-shirts that go waaaayyyyy back. My winter clothing is a LOT less interesting!

      To be honest, my hair looks like a mess in person- naturally my hair is quite light so I dye it darker myself. But I haven’t dyed it in months and the fun has really faded it quickly in some places so it’s colour is all over the place. It makes me feel less self-conscious about it that you think it looks like I did it on purpose though! 🙂 x

  • Summer fashion is super lazy, but also the best fashion there is! I am kinda beginning to miss my tights. There I said it, I’m definitely becoming English….

    • Blasphemy! Although I wore very light-weight tights today. I was convinced it was going to rain. It didn’t. x


  • I’m drinking champagne right now and almost spilled it in my excitement over seeing another champagne drinker! (Clearly I’m not to be trusted with the alcohol…)

    • To be fair, you are probably drinking a bottle that is way more upscale than ours – we go for a cheap but delicious bottle of Prosecco. Also, don’t spill the precious fizz! (If it makes you feel better, I knocked over my glass when I was reading, because I have poor control over my arms and legs.) x

  • Go into your local Joy! right now. Last time I had a peak in there was so much turquoise! x

  • Aww thank you! We’ve been really lucky in that the run of the show Sam’s in right now let’s us have evenings together sometimes, as opposed to last summer! x

  • Those are great shorts. You’re looking great Amanda!