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Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London

Important Public Announcement: Happy birthday to my best friend, G. She is fabulous and should be celebrated by all, even anonymously. (Plus I know she’ll read this.)

Maybe it makes me a bad Londoner, but I avoid Central London most of the time. Sometimes that avoidance extends to anything in Zones 1 or 2.

But I love strolling along the South Bank in London. It’s my favourite Central London spot. Especially between the National Theatre and the Globe. And nestled away along that walk is the Oxo Tower Bargehouse. It’s an incredible building and the space is really interesting. There’s always something different going on inside. In a few weeks a production of Phillip Pullman’s “Grimm Tales” will open there, and I’ve already told Sam that we WILL be going.

As much as I bang on about the country being beautiful, it’s  good to remember that the city can be beautiful too.

barge house signsouthbank buildingsclio muse of museumsme hula hooping
Top: French Connection. Jeans: BDG. Neklace: Majorca. Boots: DSW. Lipstick: Chanel. Coat: Kenneth Cole (Similar)

red coat
Pulling my hair back because things are about to get serious!

sam double hula hoops sam hula hooping
I think it’s safe to say that Sam’s hoola-hooping skills are better than mine.

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  • Polly

    Love the hoola photos!

  • I am super jealous of your hula-hooping skills. It always falls to the ground with a sad “sskkksshhhh” sound when I try!

  • That’s my favourite part of London too – so good for a wander! Perhaps that’s because it requires no tube from Waterloo which is always a good thing!


  • Ah, love the line where you said the city can be beautiful too as I’ve been struggling with Berlin on that! Berlin is beautiful in its own chaotic, grungey way 😉 P.S. I’m very impressed with Sam’s hooping skills!

    • He has mad hoola hooping skills! I love London most of the time, but living in the city bums me out occasionally. But I think it’s just that way for everyone! x

  • Hehe, love the hula hooping snaps!! So fun! I love the Southbank too, especially at Christmas with all the fairy lights everywhere.

  • How great is Sam at hula hooping?! I haven’t done it in the longest while but really want to have a go again after reading this post! It looks as fun as I remember! Xo

  • I LOVE your coat!!!

  • Hoola hooping good fun was clearly had by all!

  • Ashley Angle

    Looks so fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Firstly, happy birthday to your best friend! Secondly, Phillip Pullman?! Grimm?!?!?! I will definitely be catching this show. Thirdly, Sam’s got madd skillz.

    • I know she’d appreciate it f she read the comments 😉 The only problem is that tickets are a bit expensive so I’ll definitely be saving up for it! x

  • Haha Sam looks like a master hoola-hooper!

  • I don’t think avoiding Central London makes you a bad Londoner. I think it makes you one, who would want to have to put up with all the tourist! But I agree Walking down South Bank is worth being near the tourist for

  • Girl, when I lived in London I worked AND lived in Zone 1. It was crazy! But, I loved it. However, I much prefer the cities outside London. Wales was my favourite.

    • It definitely is crazy! My least favourite thing is the overcrowding on the tube during rush hour so I actually minded being in central less when I lived closer in because then I was squashed for less time! x

  • Y’all have some SERIOUSLY hoola-hooping skills! I just look like I’m convulsing whenever I try it. :/ And call me crazy, but I love some central London! It’s probably because the crowds and public transportation and all of that are so different than what I live on a daily basis here in SC. Plus, it brings back fond memories of living in Chelsea and going to school in Holborn! 🙂

  • I love the hula-hoop action! You guys both look great!

  • How do you manage to look so great hula hooping??

  • I haven’t eaten there but I’ve heard good things! x

  • How fun!!

  • we took our engagement photos right around there!

  • So cute! Love it!

  • Love the hula hoop pictures! Those cannot be easy to capture! xx