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Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

A trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is an annual tradition for Sam and I. A few years ago I even talked him into getting on the giant ferris wheel despite his terrible fear of heights. Last year we weren’t able to go on (the queue was just too long) but this year I got him on it again. It was absolutely lovely!

I still have yet to ride the giant swings, and I somehow have to either sell my soul to Sam to bribe him into it, or I’ll just have to talk someone else into going on it with me. Any takers?

My tip for beating the pre-Christmas crowds at Winter Wonderland is to go in the daytime, if you can. It gets absolutely packed in the evening, but it was completely manageable a few days before Christmas at abut 2 pm.

It’s always a huge shock to go back to Hyde Park after Winter Wonderland has been dismantled in January and just make out the faint lines of the attractions in the the grass. There’s still time left for you to visit – Winter Wonderland is open until Jan 4th!

winter wonderland gatebig drop big swings
The giant swings, just waiting to be ridden by me.

big wheel cars fun house neon lights roller coaster sam and nutcracker sam scared
The look of pure fear in Sam’s eyes before we got onto the ferris wheel.

santa land skyline sleigh spinning bar
This photo was taken in Winter Wonderland’s spinning pub.

Look at all that Toblerone! Mine, all mine!

Sunset over London.

wonderland from above
The view of the children’s side of the park from the ferris wheel.

view from wheel view out car
View out the ferris wheel carriage doors.

wheel at night
Have you ever been to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park?

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