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Paris at Night

Is there anywhere more beautiful than Paris at night? Basically this post is Eiffel Tower spam, because I can’t help stopping and being distracted by all the twinkling lights. You know when the Aliens in the first “Toy Story” all point and stare at the claw? Basically that’s me with that darn tower, every single time. 

I also mentioned to you in my post last week about being in Paris on a budget, that I’m all about picnicking and cooking your own food, and today’s post is proof of that. We enjoyed a late evening picnic along the Seine, and it was glorious. You couldn’t ask for a better view! Plus I got to joyfully wave to everyone who went by on those Seine dinner boat cruises, which amused me greatly. 

After eating, we literally just spent hours enjoying the crisp spring night air and wandering around drinking in the views!

picnic on the seinepopping champagne
on the seinereaching for camera

romance in paris
You couldn’t hope for a more romantic spot! Gross!
 the seine
eiffel tower at dusk
eiffel tower at night more towereating cotton candy     
I was literally grinning like a kid in a candy shop when I got this massive cotton candy. It was worth every minute of the sugar crash that came later that night! 

What’s your favourite nighttime spot in Paris? 

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