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Travel || Return to Scarborough (Fair)

This past weekend, Sam and I were in his hometown of Scarborough, North Yorkshire for a family do. And all I have to say is, Sam’s poor, poor mum. There were 12 people in the house (instead of the usual two) and four of them were between the ages of 9 months and 7 years. It was chaotic and a blast. Although now I feel the need to have a bit of a rest after my weekend. 

Despite having visited Scarborough many times before, I’d never actually been during the “summer”. But does it really count as summer when the highs are less than 20 C? No, in my opinion. We also managed to squeeze in a visit to a Northern wedding venue whilst we were there. But in spite of its cloudy greyness the seafront is beautiful. Especially the North Bay. 

My favourite Scarborough activity is just to walk and walk. There are so many lovely places to enjoy the sea air: The Esplanade and Italian Gardens, Peasholm Park, the Foreshore, The Spa. If you visit, you HAVE to go on the Cliff Lifts and the Little Train in the North Bay. Pure seaside glory from another age.
beach 2
framed by trees
in flightlighthouse
north bay 2
north bay
me in peasholm park
peasholm park
seafood stalls
pierregal lady boat
What’s your favourite English seaside destination?

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