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Recipes || 3 Porridge Recipes for People Who Don’t Like Porridge

With the cold weather firmly upon us now, my regular yogurt and granola breakfast just doesn’t really feel like it’s cutting it any more. And  in my ever-increasing strive to eat healthily most of the time so that I can continue to eat cakes and other delicious things, I don’t want to revert back to my old ‘eat any leftover for breakfast’ ways.  

My mom has been extolling the virtues of porridge for years, having it most mornings. Usually around 5 am because that woman is a legend. But I spent most of my life refusing to eat it because it tastes like slimy cardboard. 

My fight against porridge discrimination is going reasonably well, and I’m learning to love it. I love that it is just a flavour sponge for anything that I want to put it in. I love that it keeps me full till lunch. I love that it warms my tum when I am otherwise freezing. 

All my porridge recipes start off the same, as I use the same base for them all. I always use equal parts liquid and oats. Since I usually am only making porridge for myself, I’ve found the exact proportions for me. And since it’s usually early in the morning, I don’t like to think about measurements and weights. I’ve found a “mug” system that works easily for me. I use half a mug of oats. I add that to my pan, followed by 1/4th a mug of skimmed milk, and 1/4 a mug of water. I cook my porridge over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until all the liquid has been absorbed. Whilst my porridge is cooking away, I give the mug a quick wash and re-use it for my coffee. 

3 porridge recipes for people who don't like porridge

For the Nut Lovers: 
almond porridge

>>> For this nutty almond porridge, I added a drop of almond extract to my milk when I added it into the pan. I finished my porridge off by topping it with almond butter, flaked almonds and a dash of honey for sweetness. 


For those who want French Toast: 
pouring syrup

>>> While not particularly elegant, this porridge combination is one of my favourites. I added a drop of vanilla extract to my milk, along with a dash of cinnamon. I finished the porridge off with a dollop of strawberry jam, and a (generous) drizzle of maple syrup. I usually do a dash more cinnamon for good measure. 

raspberry and syrup porridge

For the Chocolate Fiends: 
raspberry nutella porridge
nutella and coffee

>>> This is my easiest porridge of all as nothing is added to the base mixture. I just add a teaspoons worth of nutella and a helping of raspberries. No extra sweetener is needed with all that lovely nutella! The biggest perk to this one is that the porridge soaks up all the nutella flavour; I can trick myself into thinking that I’m being healthy, whilst really I’m just eating chocolate.

rasberry porridge
My biggest gripe with porridge is that it becomes an unbreakable glue after it’s set out and cleaning the porridge bowl can be a struggle. My top tip for cleaning up after you eat porridge? Even if you don’t have time to wash your dishes before you go to work, fill the pan and bowl up with water and leave them to soak all day and they’ll clean right off when you get home. 

I guess this post makes it very clear that I have neither dishwasher nor microwave! 

What’s your go-to winter breakfast? 

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