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The last time I visited Windsor Castle was when my mom was over in the UK for a visit in the summer of 2012. This past weekend I was able to go back with work. Windsor is such an adorable little town. It has some great old buildings, and of course, the Queen in residence for part of the year! 

Unlike Buckingham Palace which belongs to the role of the monarchy (like the White House belonging to the office of the presidency), Windsor Castle is a private castle and has been for hundreds of years. You can see in one of the photos below, the side of the Castle where the Queen actually resides. Unfortunately, you’re not able to take photos inside the Castle itself, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the State Rooms and Queen Mary’s Doll House are well worth a visit. I was also lucky enough to be there on one of the days where they castle guard performed the official changing of the guard. 

Besides the obvious things to visit above, like the doll house, is St George’s Chapel. When you’re in St George’s keep your eyes peeled for Edward III’s massive (over 6ft tall sword), and the fact that 10 + sovereigns are buried there. My favourite is Henry VIII’s grave, as he was buried with his favourite wife, Jane Seymour. But after Charles I was executed and buried in secrecy in the middle of the night (more of an elaborate body disposal than a state burial), he was buried in such haste that the first grave they came across was pried open and he was dropped into it. This has led Henry V, Jane Seymour and Charles I to be in a fairly unholy threesome for the past few hundred years. 

At the moment there’s also a Shakespeare temporary exhibit on, celebrating the 400th year since Shakespeare’s death which is worth a look. (If you want to see a first folio up close and personal, or as up close and personal as you can get through glass).

heathrow flight path windsor castle in the distance windsor castle
blue building
buildigns in windsor
harte and garter
shortest street
The shortest street in England. I’m standing at its beginning, and its end is pictured. 

victoria statue
old train station
changing of the guard
long road
windsor palace gates
castle keep
castle turret
state rooms
part where the queen lives
That’s the side of the castle where the Queen lives. 

norman gate
st george's
middle section

Windsor Castle is a quick 50 minute train from Waterloo Station in London. 

Have you been to Windsor? What about any of the other Royal residencies? 

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