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London || Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is a London museum that misses out on some of the accolades of the bigger London hitters. (The Tate, The National Gallery, The British Museum, the V & A) But it deserves praise all of its own. The whole idea behind the collection is to explore the connection between medicine, art, and life. Pretty deep, right? The closest description that I can offer is a science museum with an artistic twist. 

Since their slogan is “the free destination for the incurably curious” there was no way I could pass up a visit any longer. Right now, the headlining special exhibit is “This is a Voice” charting the psychological and physiological aspects of the sound that we all make. Awesome. (No sarcasm). 

There’s also an amazing library and pretty good cafe on site. But most importantly, the Wellcome Collection has the coolest reading room to hang out in. I wish I had known about it sooner! It is my new place to sit down and have a read/surf the internet if I am out and about in Central London with time to kill. 

Be on the lookout for the gown made out of birth control pills and the cross sections of bodies in the “Medicine Now” section. 

wellcome collection
reading room
I told you the Reading Room was good! 
staircase in reading room
light fixtures
wall of art
human being
pill dress
This dress was made of birth control pills. 
looking at exhibit
in the elevator
at the wellcome collection

Entrance is free, however, you do have to pay for certain temporary exhibits. 

It’s located at 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE

Have you ever had a wander around? 

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  • Wow this seems like such a bizarrely cool place! I love the reading room and the kind of strange concept behind it! Great shirt too, where’s that one from? Alice xx

    • Thanks! My shirt is from the Gap. In fact, I think most of my shirts are *embarrassed face* xx

  • Holy crap a staircase with giant cushions to sit on!! I am totally on board with that idea!

  • I’ve been wanting to go for a while but even I didn’t know it was this cool! OMG those cushions in that reading room 😀

    • I literally had zero idea of what I was going to see. It doesn’t take long to zoom around so you could easily do it in an afternoon. x

  • never even heard of it!looks fun:)

  • That reading room is dreamy!

  • Ashley Angle

    Some interesting art there. Love that its also a library and cafe. Those pillows look really comfy.
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Miu

    The reading room definitely looks awesome!

  • This is so cool – I never knew this existed! I’ll be going next time I’m in London! x

  • I LOVE the Wellcome Collection, and the shop is amazing too as they have such lovely photography books. But, I never knew about that reading room, it looks too amazing!! Can you transport me there right now?

  • The reading rooms were closed when I visited and I wasn’t that bothered but having seen your pictures I now reeeeealllllly want to go back! Looks so fun x

  • michelle54245

    All furniture are looks so nice and i like this so more. When i see this products my wife asked me when i go to buy them because she also likes this so much.