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Outfit || Wearing Pineapples

The weather lately has been less than the idyllic summer that I imagined. There have been approximately 3 shorts-worthy days so far this year. Here’s to hoping for a late summer! Today, I’m wearing the blogger print of the moment: pineapples. Since when did pineapples become derigeur? I’m not sure either, but regardless I love this dress. 

Did you know that pineapples were a symbol of wealth back in 18th century times. That’s why if you go to historical buildings like Durham College old carvings and pillars will feature pineapples as part of their motif. Being able to afford to have a pineapple imported to show off to your guests was the ultimate, and you could even rent a pineapple for the evening to show off to your friends. 

I digress, but basically, the pineapple is pretty cool. Also, I grew up with the idea that a ham MUST be cooked with pineapple slices toothpicked to it for maximum deliciousness factor. Until writing this post I had no idea that I had so many thoughts and feelings about pineapples to be honest.

I love this dress because it screams summer to me: it’s lightweight and in a fun print. Not to mention that the shape and style reminds me of nurses uniforms of yore. 

miss patina dress miss patina pineapple dress pineapple dress detail pineapple dress
on the bridge
playful summer dress
leaning over bridge
swingpineapples profile of dress

Dress || Shoes || Watch || Bracelet || Lipstick

This dress is from Miss Patina but here are some other pineapple dresses that I love: 

ModCloth || Bridgitte Bailey  || Oasis || Horrockses 


Do you have any thoughts about pineapples? Or do you honestly, just not care? 

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  • Wait, back up the wagon – people used to rent pineapples!?

  • Oh my gosh, I love this dress so so much! I’m a sucker for a shirt dress, but one with a pineapple print too? I’m SOLD.

    Also your hair looks so super thick and shiny and lovely at the mo πŸ™‚ x

    Sophie Cliff

    • Haha thanks Sophie! I think it’s my pre-wedding hair moisturising regime. (Lots of hair masks). But I’m already excited for a post-wedding chop! x

  • I love it, it’s so summery! Shirt dress too, fab! Alice xx

  • cute:)

  • You can never go wrong with a cute pineapple dress! Love it πŸ™‚

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Such a cute outfit! Hope you have a great week xx


    Edye |

  • Such a cute dress! Very chic and casual, love it xx

  • Christine Everyday

    Cutest dress ever!

  • Ashley Angle

    Yes! This dress is great! Looks so nice on you!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Miu

    Rent a Pineapple, I love this πŸ˜€

  • I LOVE this dress!

  • Very cute dress! I bought a few recently but yes it’s not been the best weather. Thankfully the sunshine days are coming back to Scotland yay! Oh and I never knew about the symbolism of pineapples! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, don’t pineapples have an odd history? I love it. The weather has been pretty rubbish here down south as well. Where’s my summer at?! x

  • I love pineapples right now! Oliver Bonas has some really nice home goods with them.
    I just looked up that dress and I’m sad to see that their L is a UK size 12. As a busty girl, this makes me really sad that companies don’t provide for larger girls and also, size 12 isn’t large at all. πŸ™

    • Oh man, I’ve so sorry about that! I totally agree a 12 isn’t large at all! I’m totally exposing my privilege and have to admit that I didn’t even check to see what other sizes were available. Huge apologies! Last year their clothes only came in either s/m or m/L and since they added a size this year, hopefully they’ll continue to add more sizes! And you can never go wrong with too much Oliver Bonas! x