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Life Lately || When Summer Goes by Too Quickly!

Happy Friday everyone! Summer is certainly rolling along, isn’t it? I felt like one blink of my eyes ago it was my birthday and now autumn is rapidly approaching! In today’s post I explore some things that made me happy this week, as well as some of my favourite internet discoveries and articles to round off the work-week. 

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>>> Who gobbled down a ShakeShack treat this week? This girl.  You can’t beat their crunchy burger edges. It’s even worth the Covent Garden queue. 

>>> The release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” in bookstores was a very exciting moment. I bought a copy, of course, though it’s the first ever Harry Potter release where I did not attend the midnight release party. I also very quickly finished it. As a script, I don’t find it particularly thrilling; and as a Potter story, I’m not sure I find it very faithful to the novels. I won’t say any more to spoil it for others though. That being said, I’m still overly excited to see the show. I think it’s the kind of production that is just flat on paper, and that it will be an absolute spectacle when I see it on stage. There were certain points when reading the play, where I had to set the script down and ponder how they were going to make X trick work on stage. It’s going to be, (no pun intended) magical. Bring on February 2017, so that Sam and I can finally use our tickets! 

>>> I’ve been absolutely loving bralettes lately. Down with all my underwire bras. I replaced a few more this week for supreme chest comfort. 

>>>There’s the BEST cheese and wine shop in our neighbourhood. Seriously. If you are a SouthEast London dweller, come to Crystal Palace Park for the dinosaurs but then come to Crystal Palace Triangle for all the good food. This magical cheese shop is called Good Taste and not only did we get wine samples, but we left laden down with a variety of cheese and some freshly sliced chorizo. 

>>> It’s really annoying when people on the internet are like, vague news, vague news, vague news, so now I’m going to be a hypocrite and say I have some news that I can’t share just quite yet. 

>>> Sam and I saw a friend in a show at the Southwark Playhouse. It was closing night of the show “Through the Mill” about Judy Garland. I’m a Judy buff, and the singing in the show was phenomenal. 

>>> The unbearably busy period of time at work is almost at its end. The week I was off for the wedding provided a brief respite, but I need a moment to catch my breath work-wise. 

>>> I received a wonderful letter from a student that made all that aforementioned crazy work, totally worthwhile. 

>>> We are still getting wedding mail, which is so exciting. There are few things I love more than getting an actual letter in the post so being bombarded with them is just wonderful. They’ve completely covered our dining table. Some of them were even addressed to “Mr and Mrs Taylor” which was especially surreal. 

>>> Sam not only photographed his first engagement shoot this week, but he is photographing his first wedding this weekend. I’m so proud of him and I can’t help but admire how passionate he is about all creative aspects of his life. 

Things around the internet I’ve enjoyed reading this week: 

>>>This Telegraph article on angry fan reviews of the Curse Child script made me laugh out loud multiple times. 

>>>Have you seen the new “straddling bus” in China? It looks both terrifying and cool. 

>>> With the release of “Suicide Squad” I really appreciate this article that lays it one the line how Harley Quinn and the Joker are not #relationshipgoals. I could imagine few fictional couples less-deserving of the hashtag. Also don’t get me started on the fact that they gave Harley Quinn a costume so impossibly tiny, that the production team had to photoshop her hotpants in the posters so that they appeared bigger than they actually were. One million eye rolls are being aimed at DC right now. 

>>> Model Ashley Graham’s article in “Lenny’ on body shaming is perfect. 

Did you read any excellent articles this week? Post a link below in the comments! 

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