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Gift Guide || For a Fashionable Christmas

Here’s a not so secret confession: I love Christmas shopping for other people. I love compiling wishlist posts and gift guides, even for things that I wouldn’t necessarily say are my style. But this is not one of those posts. This is a gift guide for a fashionable Christmas full of items that I thoroughly adore. 

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Over the years, I’ve gotten rid of pretty much any bra with padding and underwires and have entirely dedicated myself to team bralette. Whilst it isn’t for everyone, they are so comfortable. 

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Glossier to get their act together and start shipping to the UK. Phase 1 and Phase 2 live at the top of my own wishlist. I’ve even looked into employing the freight company shipping method, but I can’t justify the price. Maybe if I tweet them another time, they’ll give in. 

I recently discovered this dress online and I am in love. If only it would go on sale. I find the swing cut so comfortable and something I feel quite confident in, and the velvet makes it the perfect dress for a holiday party. But it can be dressed up or dressed down. (Imagine it with a leather jacket, bobble hat and some tennis shoes for a casual option.) 

These metallic staked heel ankle boots are perfect for a Christmas party. On trend, easier to walk in than your classic stiletto and very reasonably priced. I love ankle boots and find the block heel to be really comfortable to wear. The metallic hue gives them a bit of a festive oomph. 

I might be in the minority, but I love getting gift cards. Especially ones for events. How perfect would it be to receive a gift card and get to use it on the concert tickets of your dreams? 

And no list would be complete without a few shiny bits and bobs. All the jewellery on this list is from Browns Family Jewellers, a Yorkshire based high-street jewellery company. I adore delicate jewellery. I’m not one for big statement pieces (they tend to overwhelm me though they look gorgeous on others). So on my list are a pair of delicate ball stud earrings (at an entirely excitable £35) and the daintiest pair of gold hoops (£57.50). Another piece I’d highly recommend is the rose gold, half-eternity ring. It immediately leapt out at me with it’s unique shape and reasonable price tag. 

Let’s take a closer look at that gorgeous ring, shall we? I’ve been wearing it loads recently, and gotten quite a few compliments on it! 

browns jewellry wishlist

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

***I was able to choose some of the gifts in this article to review, but all opinions are solely my own.***

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  • Oooh I wish I could wear bralettes, but these babes are just too big. I know I should appreciate what I’ve got, but I wouldn’t mind if they were a bit smaller!! I absolutely love my Browns rose gold necklace too, in fact, I’m wearing it today! 🙂 Alice xxxx

    • Rose gold for the win! I actually don’t wear gold normally, but there’s something about the rosiness of rose gold that I really like! If science ever figures out a way for women to donate unwanted boob to other women…. then sign me up! xx

      • Haha if only!! I totally agree about the silver gold debate but I do really have a soft spot for rose gold! Xxx

  • I’ve been reading a TON about Glossier! I’d love to try them, too. You know, if you really want their stuff I’ll be in the US over the holidays (and again in the summer, probably), so you could always order it and I could mail it to you. I’d be happy to help get around the shipping issue 😉

    • That is SUCH a nice offer Elizabeth, thank you so much! The milky cleanser and the boy brow are the two I’ve read the most about. What do you have your eye on? xx

  • That ring is just so sparkly and lovely! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • wanderlust boulevard

    Velvet is so pretty this time of year, love the ankle boots too! xx

    • At the moment, I don’t think I own any velvet, but I have such velvet envy when I see ladies rocking it on instagram. xx

  • WOW you just dove straight in there with the bra talk and I’m flabbergasted.

    I sometimes wish for MORE underwires and padding. I don’t like my tits to exercise free will. At all. Ever.

    • I like these suckers to be as free as possible. I missed out on the gift of boob, so I at least want to give them the gift of freedom 😉 x

  • So lovely, right?! x

  • Cute ring, I love everything rose gold 🙂 With my boobs I can definitely not do bralettes all the way, but I recently bought two and they are great! I kept them for home at first, because I was too self-conscious, but I wear them out more and more and love them 🙂

    • I was a bit self-conscious about wearing them outside the house at first (especially when it was cold) but I’ve been converted. I love not having an underwire! x

  • Such a cute ring! I love how delicate it is. I wish I could wear bralettes. Unfortunately, I’m tits McGee here. 🙁 I sometimes wish I could give them away.

    • And I wish someone can share the boobs with me. (I’m still waiting for them to grow.) Hope you had a great Christmas! xx