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The York Art Gallery is part of the York Museum Trust, and it’s located right around the corner from York Minster. It’s a small but lovely collection. The collection ranges from 14th-century paintings to contemporary, prints, watercolours, drawings, and ceramics. The ceramics exhibit was actually one of my favourites. It’s actually one of the largest collections of British studio ceramics in the UK. (And I wanted all the bowls). 

The permanent collection is upstairs, and the visiting exhibition space is in the downstairs gallery. When we were there, “Flesh” was on. The exhibit focused on a its namesake: flesh, and how artists depict both human and animal. It ranged from modern art, to performance pieces, to paintings by Rubens, Degas and Chardin. Because I’m a bit squeamish and can’t really handle seeing blood, I actually started to feel a bit lightheaded and woozy. Talk about art being affecting! (Flesh is in the space until the 19th of March so you only have a few more days to see it.) 

Next into the visiting space is “Albert Moore: Of Beauty & Aesthetics” with its focus on paintings and watercolours.  After that is “Ceramics of the Attenborough Collection” including pieces by Picasso.

The gallery is open every day from 10am-5pm. Adult tickets are £7.50 and children are free. However, if you’re a York resident, you can get a YMT card for £11 and it gets you into all three York Museum Trust properties for free for a whole year. 

This is the face I make when faced by a piece of modern art that I’m not particularly thrilled by. 

Inside “Flesh”.

The gallery is located at: Exhibition Square, York YO1 7EW 

Have you visited the York Art Gallery before? 

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