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Outfitting || Black Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

I’ve never been one to hop on trend bandwagons. Whilst I veer into a strange combination of norm-core, 60s vintage and Victorian governess, I’ve never been particularly trendy. It’s not an accusation leveled at me. So up until now, I’ve avoided the cold shoulder dress like the plague.

I hate being cold, so why would I wear something that so whole-heartedly embraces it, even in its very name?

Finally, enter this black cold shoulder swing dress from Monki. And I fell in love with it. I even wore it to our anniversary dinner at Skosh. I felt quite chic and extremely comfortable with lots of space for feasting. A little black dress for summertime only, sadly. 

But I’ve fallen for the Scandi brand, Monki. (This post is in no way sponsored by Monki). Monki wants to bring social issues that face women into the fashion conversation and I’m so down with that. Their “Monkifesto” states that they wanted to “create an empowering space for self expression”. 

They also really seem to care about sustainablility. Their Monki Cares lines use organic cotton, and they’ve pledged  to use better materials, and are aiming to become climate positive throughout their entire supply chain by 2040. All of their stores offer garment and textile recycling, and all the stores and offices are powered by renewable energy. 

It’s a brand that I really feel like I can get behind! 

This is my first cold-shoulder item of clothing I’ve purchased, so obviously I’m a bit late to the trend bandwagon. Are there any trends that you resisted for ages before you hopped on board? 

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  • I love it!! The naked shoulder thing is a big trend right now and I have to say I’m all in for it!

  • Love this dress on you!!

  • This dress is gorgeous on you, Amanda! I could never pull it off, but it is perfect for you – and the ideal dress for a date night too! xo

  • You look amazing in this dress, it suits you so well! Alice xxx

  • You look absolutely gorgeous Amanda! Plus your review of Skosh has definitely got me wanting to book a table… x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Ray

    I don’t like to hop on every trend too but this trend looks good on you.

  • Laura Emilia

    You look so pretty, that dress is super gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE Monki – whenever I visit their stores I just want to buy everything… I’m glad to hear that they are so ethical too, I didn’t know that before. Now I want to shop there even more… xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Aren’t their clothes gorgeous! I also struggle because I want everything! I nab this dress in a sale for Β£8 and felt truly proud of my bargain skills! xx

  • Lovely dress – looks perfect for a date night. I am gaga for Monki everything – love the slouchy style they do so well.

    • So well! I want all things that they make! (Some of their trousers are just super super cool!) xx

  • Love the dress! I feel like it could definitely make a good day or night look! So cute and it looks so good on you!


  • You look so sweet in this! I love how cool Monki is, I can spend ages in my local store x

  • Diana Maria

    What a beautiful dress, it fits so well on you! I really adore the shoes as well, this outfit is lovely!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • I don’t care particularly about trends either, although I’ve grown to really like the cold shoulder trend, I must admit! Love an all black dress too πŸ™‚ x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Oooh I love a good cold-shoulder black dress and I love that see-through pouch!
    Also – happy anniversary! x

  • I love the cold shoulder look. I’m always cold anyway, so might as well do it in the name of fashion. However I can never wear anything this un-waisted (is that a word?). It would just hang from my boobs until it hits my arse and make me look like a blob. The look works on you thin small boobied people as it plays an intriguing game of contrast with your form versus the billows of fabric.

    Yes, I spent a lot of time as a teenager wishing I could wear this kind of thing really working out the details of why I can’t. XD

    • It’s really funny that you mentioned small chests because I’ve written my post tomorrow about my lack of boobs and the fact that I don’t wear “proper” bras. xx

      • I look forward to hearing how the other side lives! Boobs are a double edged sword if I’m honest, I have so many conflicting opinions on them. JESUS AMANDA you always make me want to go through my draft posts and actually get shit written πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • I want you to write more posts (but only if you have time) because selfishly, Frankie posts are some of my favourites! xxx

  • I love this dress on you Amanda – it really suits you!