Harold Update || 1st Month as A Puppy Owner

Harold Nagini. He brings joy to my heart every single day. He’s my own personal hot water bottle and his big gorgeous eyes break my heart constantly. He’s so sweet tempered and very funny. But he also really likes to have his own way. He also doesn’t really like the rain, which is a slight problem as we live somewhere that is constantly rainy. 

So here’s a more in depth look on how the first month of puppy ownership has gone. (As a side note, I grew up with two energetic mini schnauzers so I’m somewhat used to puppies) 

    • The first few nights are hell. Puppies get taken away from everything they know so it makes sense that they freak out. Harold cried pretty much all night long the first 3 nights. We are crate training Harold, so we kept him in our room at first just to help him feel more comfortable. 
    • It took about a week and a half for Harold to start sleeping solidly. Before that he’d wake up and cry pretty much every single hour. Sam and I were both at our wits end a week and a half in but something just clicked with Harold and he started sleeping. It was beautiful. Now he *mostly* sleeps through the night but likes to wake everyone up around 5 am. 
    • When Harold gets over-excited or over-tired he starts getting nippy. Most of them are gentle puppy bites, but occasionally he’d nip hard enough to draw blood. It’s normal puppy behaviour so we got used to carrying around chew toys to swap them out for us when he gets nippy and to also give him some time alone when he gets like that. 
    • Harold loves to play fetch. You’d think that it would be too much for a dog so small but he loves it. 
    • He doubled in size in the first two weeks. It was a mighty thing to behold. At 3 months old now, he’s much bigger than he was when we first met him! 
    • Toilet training….. We’ve tried. Actual results are fairly non-existent. Though it’s to be expected as dachshunds are supposed to be the most stubborn breed to potty train. 
    • Harold gets excited to meet new people and see new things. Waiting for his second puppy vaccinations to kick in was difficult for him (and for us) because we could tell that he was so excited to get out and explore the world. 
    • He is SO good with children.
    • On that note, you might be surprised that dachshunds love walks and exercise. In fact, it’s super important for them to get enough of them both for their backs to be healthy. (They are prone to really hurting their backs so strengthening those muscles is key to trying to avoid later back problems.) 
    • His favourite things to chew are my slippers. I can’t even wear them in front of them at the moment. They make him feral. 
    • He loves attention, it’s his absolute favourite thing. 
    • He also loves to just sniff around the house. Dachshunds are in the hound family and when he puts his nose to the ground you can really see it! 
    • Harold loves to sleep on a person. Chests are his favourite thing to lie on, but he’ll settle for laps. 
    • He’ll eat anything and everything. He’s food crazy! 
    • He loved Lindsay so much. In fact, she made him so happy that every time he saw her he weed himself with excitement.


So that’s how that crazy guy Harold has been. No matter how naughty he’s been, when he looks at me with his big puppy eyes my heart just melts. 

How do you feel about puppies? Or are you more of a cat person? 

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  • Ohh little man what a joy you are to have on our screens! He’s such a little sweetheart I can see how he melts your hearts! The negatives of owning a puppy can be tough- even after we have had stirling for 5 months as a potty trained 15 month old deerhound, he’s suddenly reverted back to weeing on the floor at night! They all seem to go through this stage, no idea why but its so frustrating! Crate training is also the best idea ever as they love it!! Alice xxxx

    • We crate trained our dogs growing up and it got to the point where the eldest dog’s happy place was always in his crate – so hopefully we can get Harold to that point one day! xx

  • he’s soooo cute:) enjoy every moment with him:)

  • He’s a cutie!!!

  • HE’S JUST SO ADORABLE. Look at that little face! And those big brown eyes!!! <3 <3 <3

  • HE IS AMAZING. Those eyes are too much. I can’t get enough of your photos of him, they’re making me want to get a dog immediately although it’s not quite the right time for us now…one day! So glad he is settling in well (and that you are getting some sleep again!) xx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • His eyes – he absolutely melts you! I wanted us to get a dog years ago but had to wait for the time to be right so I totally get that feeling! x

  • Those eyyyyyyesssss!!!!!! OMG!! How can you get anything done? I would just want to snuggle him every single time he looked at me <3

  • Oh Amanda he is just too sweet. Puppies are the best! We still call ours our puppy even though he is 3! xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    I can’t even cope! He is so, so cute! Beyond jealous, I’d give pretty much anything to be able to have a dog!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • I wanted us to get a dog years ago but had to wait for the time to be right so I totally get that feeling! it’s so glorious to finally get one! xx

  • Hooo boy, what a month! We got our Ferdie at one year so I missed out on this stage, for better or worse. But we are still having major house-training issues, sad to say… even though he’s been here ten months. (big sigh) House-training when you live in a flat with no garden access is not the most fun.
    I was surprised how much he has enjoyed playing fetch as well…. the dachshund I had as a childhood pet didn’t want anything to do with fetch. Looks like you guys are having fun though – love all the photos, especially the third to last one.

    • How’s Ferdie’s sleep? (And when you got him at a year old was he still chewing on everything? I’d love for that stage to stop soonish….) xxx

      • Sleep has really been not an issue at all – sleeps like a champ, as long as we’re nearby. Fortunately, and you wouldn’t believe it, he does not have an interest to chew on ANYTHING. It’s like some kind of magic. I could even leave packages of food out on the floor and he wouldn’t even touch it. But we got our own issues: major separation anxiety and the aforementioned house-training.

        • Harold has a bit of separation anxiety too. (And it makes me hopefully that Harold will grow out of his chewing phases really soon!) xx

          • Yeah, I think definitely the sleeping phase will improve so much more soon to the point where things are totally normal, so don’t worry! As for chewing… might take a bit longer πŸ˜‰ But it’s good you have dog toys and other distractions nearby!

  • Ahhh pupdates are my favourite! Just look at him, just so gorgeous. I think I’m going to have little and large before we know it with our labrador and future dachshund.


  • Oh my goodness he is just too cute!

  • I fell in love at first naming! 😻

  • Ashley Angle

    He is soooooooo cute! We’ve had our little guy for 8 years now, and he was the perfect addition to our family! The puppy stage is hard, but their cuteness makes up for it!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

  • He is very precious, if possible he’s gotten cuter πŸ™‚

  • He is so cute

  • Aw, he sounds (and looks) lovely! Apart from the slippers thing, maybe…

    I really admire people who are willing to take on the responsibility of raising & training a puppy. It’s so much work! Glad you’re enjoying it, though.

  • I’m melting! What a beautiful pup. My whippet can get around me just by looking up at me with his big, brown peepers. I adore him.

  • Kourtney Reece

    He’s so cute. His little sweet face I could hold him all day. I love dogs. I’m still working towards loving cats. I haven’t gotten there.

    • I’m not really in to cats. They just aren’t nearly as lovable. (Shh… don’t tell anyone else that!) xx

  • I am definitely a cat person, but Harold is one of the few reasons to smile on the internet these days <3

  • Want a puppy sooooooo bad! not even picky what kind, just want a dog to love. In saying that, potty training is hard work, he will get there though! I however am a lot less patient of a person than I used to be, so that would be an interesting part for me!

    • Puppies are SUPER trying on the patience that’s for sure. You can always test run Harold one afternoon though. Come and hang out with us whilst he is at his wildest and then see how you feel about a dog πŸ˜‰ x

      • Oh I know I still want one, we are just too busy to devote enough time to a dog right now, cats are much easier! I’ll still take you up on that though πŸ™‚

  • He’s so cute it hurts! I’m surprised that he sleeps through most of the night. Lulu woke up at 2am and 5am like clockwork for MONTHS. And crate training was a nightmare. SO happy those two things are going nicely for you!

    • We usually put him to bed at 11:30 pm and he stays asleep till 5am ish which is great. (Though occasionally he’ll have a 3 am wake up a few times a week but he’s just little). The toilet training isn’t going particularly well, though. Sausage dogs are notoriously stubborn so I think he knows now that he’s supposed to go outside but sometimes he just doesn’t want to! x

  • Eeeep, he is so CUTE! I’ve been thinking about what kind of dog I want. You know, in a few years. I want a puppy so, so bad! I’m going to wait until my son is four or five, but I would like a dachshund or a spaniel πŸ™‚ Puppies are great! My son is obsessed with our dog at the moment!

    • Awww! That will be so cute! I think Spaniels are supposed to be particularly good with kids too! x

  • His big eyes definitely get me even through the screen haha, he’s such a cutie!

  • I am dying at these photos. Oh my Harold I want to steal you. On a (more) serious note, were seriously considering a daschund so this is great to read!