10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #34

Happy Friday everyone – I’m facing a very long weekend of work and Sam is away with his brothers on a semi-stag do (bachelor party). I’ve frequently said that summer is the busiest time of year with work and luckily, I only have two weeks left of pulling my hair out 24-7 stress, and then it will ease up a bit. (Just in time for family and friends to start arriving in London.) 

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

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>>> Sam and I managed to have our first bbq of the summer on Sunday. Bring on more weather like that please! I give burgers, corn-on-the-cob, and bell peppers on the grill a big thumbs up.

>>> I tried a scotch egg that I didn’t hate. 

>>> I’d gotten so good with my running routine this year and then I’ve been rubbish the past month and a half. I’ve been getting back into it but still feeling pretty “ugh” about the whole thing. I’m having to start back at 30 minutes but I know I can get that length up again because I’ve done it once already.

>>> Sam and I organised the wedding ceremony (the readings, confirmations, etc) and I got a bit teary reading over them! 

>>> We got to spend time with all Sam’s nieces and nephews this weekend. Spending an afternoon with 4 kiddos under 10 was hectic but excellent fun. 

>>> Has anyone else been watching ‘Versailles’? What are your thoughts? I haven’t quite made up my mind yet…

>>> I had an excellent evening on Tuesday at Barrio East with Wexas Travel. You may have seen my snapchats. (I’m rhymeandribbons on Snapchat if you want to follow along.) I basically had to be pried off the chips and salsa. We learned to mix several drinks but my favourite was the raspberry margarita. 

>>> Finally eating some damn banana bread

>>>’Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ had its first preview this week and the feedback is amazing. Which makes me super excited to see it. In 8 months… because our tickets are for February 2017. It’ll be a bit bittersweet watching it because *secret reveal* Sam was seen multiple times to understudy for Harry but he says the script is magical (pun intended). 

>>> I treated myself to a new dress from Miss Patina because I felt like I deserved a treat, and I was missing some of the dresses I used to browse with regularity from ModCloth. 

And an extra link for good measure: 

>>> After reading Biden’s response to Brock Turner’s victim, I felt  a rush of affection and respect towards Biden that I’d never felt before. I encourage everyone to read his passionate letter. (Assuming you read her incredibly moving statement first.)

What did you get up to this week?  

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  • HANG ON…WOAAAAA Sam auditioned to play Harry. WHAT?! This is big news, BIG news! I am so flipping excited for it, we’ve got tickets for August showings and I booked to also have a cheeky visit to WB Studios on the way back too! The script is preordered, but part of me really wants to wait and just see the play in action from the outset. Alice xxx

    • Ugh. Sam was THIS close to getting it too. He did all kinds of workshops and auditions, plus he got to read both scripts so he’s known the plot details for awhile. He had to sign his life away in non-disclosure agreements so I couldn’t say anything about his audition before now, but I’m so so so jealous that he’s gotten to read them. My tickets aren’t until February 2017!!! x

      • Wow that’s amazing, impressive for Sam even though he didn’t get it, what a shame! Still, he’s so lucky that he knows all about it already, I’m jealous as the excitement for the next 2 months is there! Will you read the script when it comes out or wait until you’ve seen the play? xxx

        • I think I might wait to see it live before reading it. Since the wrote it for the stage I think I want to wait to see the surprises live. Sam said they’ll be incredible so I can’t wait! The WB studios tour is amazing! It was one of the happiest days of my life when we went. You’ll love it! xxx

          • Ohh that’s going to be torturous for you, I really hope everyone that goes to it keeps the secrets as JK has asked, I don’t want to know until I get to see it myself! I’ve been longing to go with my whole family (we read every HP book together when they all came out) but trying to get them all in the same place is like herding cats! xxx

  • Gianni Washington

    Ah, Modcloth. I threw caution to the customs wind and ordered a bunch of stuff from them once after moving here. Sweet zombie heysoos, that was expensive. Glad you found an alternative! Wow, go Sam for auditioning and getting called back a few times. I don’t have a ticket yet, but I hope I get lucky on one of these Fridays…

    • I’m sure it will run for ages right? So hopefully lots more tickets will become available! It’s the customs fees that I’m terrified of – that’s the only reason I’ve managed to show *some* restraint! x

  • What a week indeed!

  • A non-hateable Scotch egg? Impossible, I say!

    • I think it’s because this one wasn’t fully hard boiled (gross) The soft boiling approach plus being wrapped in chorizo really made a a difference. I’m still not going to eat a run of the mill scotch egg though because they are vile. x

  • Wow that’s so cool he was almost the understudy and I definitely want to see it eventually too. And so agree about Biden’s response letter – reading both the victim’s letter and his was so emotional.

    • I was so jealous that he got to read both scripts.

      And Biden’s letter – I definitely cried! x

  • I’ve heard when scotch eggs are done well they’re really, really good. I can’t eat them because boiled eggs make me sick.

    Wow, way to go Sam. I think he would have made an excellent Harry Potter.

    • I was jealous because he got to rid both scripts (under surveillance). I think he could definitely have played an older HP. But maybe it’s the glasses 😉 x