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Outfitting || I Feel Like a (Literal) Dinosaur

Sometimes you stumble across a dress, and for some mysterious reason, it calls to you and you must have it. I liked this dress for no real discernible reason. I don’t really wear pieces like this often. I shy away from ruffles because they don’t suit me and clash with the rest of my wardrobe. But when I saw this beast in the ASOS Black Friday Sale, I needed it. And with some ASOS rewards vouchers I had saved up, it was practically free. A win-win situation. 

It’s made out of sweatshirt material, which was a bit strange at first; I’d never worn a dress this thick before, but now I love it and wish all winter dresses were made out of it. It’s like a snuggle. You put it on and you are just enveloped in warmth. It also washes really well, which is important for me because I never do dry-cleaning. It’s probably my biggest #adulting fail. I think I do dry-cleaning once every 3 years. Maybe. My other fail would be ironing. Sam and I don’t own an iron. We just hang everything in a steamy shower and keep our fingers crossed that it will help all the wrinkles fall out. (It usually works. Then I use my hair dryer to heat out any pesky remaining creases.)

I call it my “dinosaur dress” because the ruffles remind me of dermal plates on a stegosaurus. I would also wear a dress with a dinosaur print on it, but that’s beside the point as I don’t own one. (Anyone know of any good dresses with dino prints?) This is one of my favourite colours on myself, and yet, I actually own very few things in this shade. I like that the blue ruffles are relatively unfussy. Though, I suppose ruffles can never truly be completely fuss-free. But what I mean is that I don’t feel like I’m wearing Seinfeld’s puffy shirt, or that I am an extra in “Interview with the Vampire”. 

Dress || Shoes || Tights || Lipstick || Frizzy hair, again, courtesy of the rain. 

What outfit do you own that was an out-of-character purchase for you? 

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