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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve been graced with yet another Bank Holiday weekend, not to mention some truly out of this world weather. Yes, in classic British tradition, it cools down a bit for the holiday weekend, but I’ll still take it. Plus the Bank Holiday day is my birthday and there’s nothing better than almost always getting three day weekends on your birthday! 

10 Things That Made Me Happy  

>>> Sam’s family was in town and it was insanely busy, but a lot of good fun. We made a reservation at Source in York for Sunday lunch and it was beautiful. I’ll be going back to Source at the first available opportunity. 

>>> I was a bit surprised by the Eurovision winner. No offence to Portugal, but did it really beat Italy’s dancing gorilla? I think not! 

>>>Sam passed his driving test! I mentioned it on twitter but I’m so excited! When I came back super late at night after the trip to Benidorm, Sam picked me up in the car and it was absolutely thrilling. 

>>> I had such an amazing time in Benidorm. The weather was perfect, the people were lovely, the food was delicious and the activities were so much fun! I already posted my first Beni post yesterday, but look out for more to come in the future! 

>>> I tried Essie’s Gel Polish range and it’s really, really great! My day job is really hands on so most polish flakes off within a day or two, but my Essie Gel went at least a week and a half before it started showing its first small cracks. 

>>> And how about the weather we’ve been having in the UK lately?! It’s been absolutely glorious. Now, I don’t want to jinx it, but I would happily have it the way it’s been for the rest of my life. 

>>> When I was in London, on my way back from Benidorm, I made a cheeky stop at Five Guys for a special treat. Ugh….. so good! I didn’t tell Sam about it though because I didn’t want to make him too jealous. 

>>  You might remember that I’m training for the Great North Run. Well I’d absolutely fallen out of practice running and I’ve taken it back up lately. Running at 9pm when it’s still light out is such a treat! 

>>> The new season of Kimmy Schmidt is excellent. That is all.

>>> I haven’t had a newsletter in a few weeks but there’s one coming out on Saturday morning. Make sure you subscribe here to receive it straight to your inbox! 

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! What will you be doing with your Monday off? It’s my birthday, so Sam and I will be going away for the weekend.

Hope you have a great one! 


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  • I didn’t understand why Portugal won the Eurovision. To me it wasn’t even close to the top 5. I really liked Moldova πŸ˜€ And Kimmy Schmidt is the funniest!!


  • It looks like you girls had a great time in Benidorm! Hope you have a really lovely birthday xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  • YAY it’s going to be your birthday!!!! Have you got something amazing planned?! I’m so chuffed for you both that Sam passed, now you can whiz around and see so much without any of the hassle of public transport! πŸ˜€ Alice xxx


    • We’re actually going out in our first (brief) road trip. For my birthday Sam found an old mill on Airbnb in the Dales on a river that’s been converted into a cottage so we’re going to hole up there with tons of tasty foods! X

  • Aw happy early birthday! I love those photos of you by the sea and for a second i thought, wow she’d courageous going to swim in Britain until I remembered you went to Spain haha makes more sense!

    • Haha thanks so much Camila! I definitely wouldn’t be brace enough to get in here, though I did wade into the river last night. But could only take it up to my knees! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Happy birthday, Amanda! Where will you be heading for your birthday weekend? I’m actually off work until 6th June now and we’re heading to Newquay next week to catch up with my brother and sister-in-law, the kids and a friend of mine. Fingers crossed this weather sticks around – I’m dying for a paddle in the sea x

    • For my birthday Sam found an old mill on Airbnb in the Dales on a river that’s been converted into a cottage so we’re going to hole up there. Your Newquay plan sounds amazing! Xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    Oh, I’ll definitely check out Essie’s Gel range!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • It’s a bit pricey (because you have to buy the gel cookout AND the top coat) but after that you can buy other colors and just use your original gel top coat. The Essie non-gel had the prettiest colors but it chips in a day (or less!) on me so it’s never worth the money. The Gel, though, is awesome! X

  • I love the Essie Gel Polish too – it’s so good and I can usually make it last twelve days. A dream polish! Happy almost birthday, have a fab day celebrating!

    • Thank you so much! And it’s the best/longest lasting polish that I’ve ever had at home! X

  • I’ve been so so so jealous about your holiday photos – you look like you’ve had more sun than I did in Thailand!!!! And I absolutely need to catch up on Kimmy Schmidt!

    • We got phenomenally lucky with the weather! I’m about halfway through this newest season of Kimmy but really enjoying it! X

  • Leslie Nichole

    Wow you were busy over the week. Happy (early) birthday! I treat myself to Five Guys every now and then too. They are so good!

    • Thanks Leslie! 5 Guys is a great treat – it’s way to expensive for “normal” fast-food but it’s just too tasty to never go! x

  • Dude, THAT GORILLA WAS ROBBED. Happy Birthday as well. I do see all this interesting stuff happening to you on Twitter, I just never interact with anyone coz I’m not supposed to be tweeting yet. I’m supposed to be finishing my project. But your life is so interesting! x

    • Thanks lady! The gorilla winning would have been a great early birthday present. When will you be done with your project so I can start bothering you on social media again? X