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For long-time readers of Rhyme & Ribbons, you’ll know how much I love a good cupcake. In fact, my recipe page has loads of space devoted to them. But sadly, in the post-2013 world other desserts have reigned supreme in coolness. Last year it was meringues, anyone know what it is this year?

I had spotted Crumbs Cupcakery on someone’s instagram feed (apologies, I can’t remember who it was) and once I realised that a cupcake place had survived the great cupcake recession I was there almost as quickly as if I had teleported. 

Crumbs is nearly always busy. It has semi-limited indoor seating, but if the weather is nice there are loads of seats outside with a beautiful view of the back of the Minster. The decor inside is super kitschy and exactly what you would expect from a cupcake cafe. (So obviously, I loved it.) The day that I took these photos there seemed to be both a hen do and a 70th birthday party there so it obviously appeals to ladies of all ages. 

The coffee is tasty, but nothing to revolutionise your coffee drinking habits. But let’s not kid anyone. Coffee was not why I was there. Cupcakes of all sorts brought me to its doors. The cupcakes were perfect. I find that cupcakes have the tendency to be on the dry side but these were lovely; moist with just the right amount of frosting and super interesting toppings.  I tried the plain chocolate which was lovely and also the All-American (a combination of chocolate and peanut butter which happens to be gluten free.) I have my eye on the Victoria 99 and the red velvet for next time. 

It’s out of the way of the main tourist crush whilst still being in the centre of town, so it’s a great little spot to go with guests in York. Plus Crumbs has a mobile cupcake van for street food occasions so keep your eyes peeled for it! 
crumbs cupcakery


I’ll apologise now; all these photos were taken with my iPhone, so they aren’t the best ones I’ve ever done. 

Crumbs Cupcakery is located at 10 College St, York YO1 7JF. 

Am I the only one that still goes crazy for cupcakes? 

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