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And here’s the last museum in my series on the York Museum Trust: the Yorkshire Museum. The Yorkshire Museum is all about the history of the area. And the exhibitions range from: rediscovering the Vikings of York, to extinct creatures of the area, to the pre-historic people of York. 

Of course, given York’s important Roman history, there’s a massive section on the Roman era of York, including a great number of artefacts. It was really exciting to stumble across a Roman sarcophagus that had been dug up at the top of our road! 

My favourite exhibition is the Viking exhibition, because I loved how brilliantly interactive it was! It also has some of the best Viking and Anglo-Saxon discoveries in the country on display. They had a Viking board game on display that you could play. (It was all about invading and defending your base – go figure!) It turned into my new favourite game. I completely hogged the space and insisted that Sam and I play 3 times. The Yorkshire Museum Trust partnered with the British Museum in creating a virtual reality room that brought to life a Viking invaders’ camp. I swear it was even complete with smells! 

For people more interested in biology and geology than history, there are extensive collections of fossils, and extinct specimens such as cave bears. The Museum sits at the heart of Museum Gardens, which is some of the prettiest green area in York, and I can often be found in the gardens even when I’m not going into the museum. Make sure to leave some time in your schedule for a wander around outside as well.

My only tip would be to try avoiding the crowds by not going during school holidays! 

The Yorkshire Museum is located at Yorkshire Museum, Museum Gardens, York, YO1 7FR

Have you been to York? What’s your favourite thing to do? 

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  • seems to be an interesting museum

  • My best friend lives in York! Next time I visit her I am going to have a good browse through your recommendations first… x

    • Amazing! There’s some incredible food in York so you’ll have some great things to choose to eat as well! πŸ™‚ x

  • Ah it looks so cool!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Another museum to add to my list! I love interactives at museums, looks like you guys had a great time.

    • Thanks Betsy! Honestly, I had more fun in the Viking exhibit than I’ve had in a long time! x

  • It seems like such a fun and interactive museum! Love those pictures and thanks for sharing your experience
    Lucie, xx


  • I’ve never been to York but it’s been on my list for ages as it’s one of my Grandparents’ favourite places to go and they always come back with the best photos from their trip. Love that shot with the sword and the shield, so cool! Always enjoy it when a museum is interactive and allows you to be tactile with what’s there. Added to my list! Never get bored of a museum visit. Stunning photo as always too! – Tasha

    • You definitely need to come along! York is especially beautiful in the summer and at Christmastime but that’s when it’s the most packed with visitors. York has such a great set of museums! x

      • I will do, it’s on my list! πŸ˜€ I can imagine it looks amazing now and at Christmastime, must try and get across during the winter then!

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  • Wow what a great place, I love museums

  • haha well this looks fun!